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Mohammed Baghdadi - Founder/director Edu4U

It was very special to experience this Masterclass, it was informative and I was able to share my experiences and emotions.

Having a mentor is very important in life. When I came to the Netherlands, I was a fifth-year medical student from Syria. However, then I had to start again from year 1. That was difficult to accept because I already had all the medical knowledge. I was then appointed a mentor by an initiative from the VU. This has changed my life a lot. The mentor looked for solutions with me. In the end, I was able to do two years in one and that saved me a lot of time. Without this mentor, I would not have known how to handle the situation. Because I know how important the presence of a mentor is in your life, I am now a mentor for many newcomers who receive guidance and lessons at our organization Edu4u. I now apply the skills I learned during this Masterclass to our students.

Mohammed Baghdadi

" I now apply the skills I learned during this Masterclass to our students."