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Build trust with employees, customers and communities

Servant-Leadership Research Programme

Servant-leadership: a leadership approach that turns you into a successful leader of tomorrow by capturing a selfless behaviour. Be ready to set aside your self-interest for the betterment of your followers and organisations.

Servant-leaders place the needs of their subordinates before their own and center their efforts on helping them grow to reach their maximum potential and achieve optimal organisational and career success. Their motivation in accomplishing these tasks is not self-interest; rather, servant-leaders want their subordinates to improve for their own good, and view the development of followers as an end, in and of itself, not merely a means to reach the leader's or organisation's goals. 

Servant-leadership highlights personal integrity. It also extends outside the organisation—servant-leaders serve multiple stakeholders, including their communities and society as a whole. Servant-leadership shows promise as a way to build trust with employees, customers, and communities.

What does this Servant-Leadership Research programme deliver?

Objectives of the course are to:

  • support organisations to develop their leaders, in service of the organisation, clients and society at large
  • improve your understanding and practice of Servant-Leadership behaviour
  • develop your skills in combining leading and serving for personal and organisational development
  • achieve cross-industry learning through co-creation between learners
  • establish cross-organisational and cross-cultural networks and gain insight from multiple perspective

The Servant-Leadership Research Programme at a glance

  • Start date: t.b.a.
  • Duration: 4 successive intensive days of lectures, followed by research & intervisions during 9 months
  • Modules: 5
  • Time Investment: beside the lectures, there are 12 hours of intervision and 80 hours of home and fieldwork
  • Tuition fees: € 6,900
  • Lectures:
    • Classroom: 4 days
    • Intervision: 12 hours
    • Home and fieldwork: 80 hours
  • Form: in class and in-company

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Discover your Servant-Leadership Research Programme

Discover your Servant-Leadership Research Programme

You will benefit on multiple levels by developing a mindset that works effectively at engaging and leading people across cultures. You will have plenty of opportunities to reframe leadership perspectives through fieldwork in a community project, to engage in research-based practices for organisational development and enrich and expand your network.

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  • Dr. Sylvia van de Bunt
  • Associate Professor, Co-director of SERVUS, Coordinator of VU MSc courses in Cross Cultural Management and Organisational Behavior, and Program Director of Servant-Leadership at VU Amsterdam
  • Visiting Professor at University of Suffolk, UK
  • +31 (0)20 5986105
Sylvia van de Bunt