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Gravitation project: Hybrid intelligence

Augmenting human intellect with AI

Computers have different qualities than humans. They remember everything, are unaffected by bias and can easily recognise patterns in large amounts of data. Humans, on the other hand, can empathise with others and can also recognise subtle contextual information. Because human intelligence and artificial intelligence are different, one cannot simply replace the other. However, they can work together in hybrid teams. The ambition of the research team led by Frank van Harmelen is the development of a computer, 'A.I.nstein',  that serves as a co-author and contributes to every step of a scientific publication.

The research team consists of ethicists, psychologists, computer experts and social robotics experts from across the Netherlands who learn from each other and from the process, creating a hybrid team where man and machine work together. This is significantly different from what is often the case these days, where humans take on a computer in a game or an experiment.

A hybrid human-machine intelligence is the result. There are many applications, for example, in the healthcare sector, education and science.

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