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One emergency fund for VU students in emergency situations

16 March 2023
The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is launching one emergency fund for all VU students. From the first of April 2023, VU Amsterdam will establish an emergency fund to provide one-time assistance to students in acute and unforeseen financial distress. Students who encounter financial difficulties during their studies at VU Amsterdam due to the above-mentioned situation can apply for the VU Emergency Fund. 

Until recently, three Emergency Funds were active. An Emergency Fund for VU students, the COVID19 Emergency Fund and the Ukraine Emergency Fund. In order to avoid having to respond ad hoc to various calamities in the future, the VU Emergency Fund is introduced. The financial support aims to resolve a situation immediately so that the student can continue studying. 

The criteria of the Emergency Fund have been broadened. In addition to full-time VU students, they also apply to students connected to VU Amsterdam through, for example, an exchange. 

Students in (financial) need can discuss a request for support with the student counsellor, who reviews the situation with the student and guides the student through the application process. If necessary, other or additional options can also be considered. A contribution from the VU Emergency Fund is meant to be used for living expenses and rent only and cannot be used for tuition fees. 

The criteria and procedure for the VU Emergency Fund can be found at (only visible for employees and students). 

The COVID19 Emergency Fund and Ukraine Emergency Fund were partly funded by donations from the VU Association. The VU Emergency Fund is made possible thanks to donations from VU Alumni and staff.