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A farewell party for Frank Derksen

24 October 2023
A farewell party for Frank Derksen, one of the founding fathers of the KIN group, was held on Thursday, 19th October in the Botanical Garden. During the event, his family, colleagues, and friends gathered to share kind words and fond memories, making it a bittersweet moment - a mix of happiness and sadness as they bid farewell to a remarkable individual whose legacy will endure and enrich the academic community.

Frank Derksen, a name synonymous with education, finance,  and collaboration, holds a special place in the history of our KIN. As one of the founding fathers of the KIN  group, he has been a guiding light from the very beginning. Our growth and success, dedicated to exploring the frontiers of knowledge and use of digital innovations in organization, owe a great deal to Frank's unwavering commitment.
In addition to his pivotal role in KIN, Frank has made a significant impact through his roles as the Director of the Part-time MSc in Business Administration and Chairman of the SBE works council. His contributions to education and the fostering of a collaborative and supportive work environment have left an enduring legacy.
Frank's financial acumen has been instrumental in ensuring KIN’s financial health and stability. His insights and strategies have navigated us through various challenges, and his expertise has been a pillar of our success. His interest in the transformative power of IT in organizations has been instrumental in developing our research on the broader field of digital innovation.
While Frank may be retiring from his formal roles, his influence will remain woven into the very fabric of our institution. As we bid him a fond farewell, we also look ahead with optimism, knowing that the seeds he planted will continue to bear fruit, enriching the lives of students, staff, and the entire academic community.