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For all information about Zoom at VU, click here
Last updated on 2 May 2023
Zoom is the interactive online conferencing tool for teaching and learning at VU Amsterdam. Let students interact with you and each other through video and chat. Use an online whiteboard, share your screen or do a poll, so you and your students can really work together online. Zoom’s break-out-rooms let you divide your students in smaller private groups, so they can discuss a topic or practice their skills.

What can you do with Zoom?

Use Zoom to present and collaborate real-time (sychronous) online using video, audio, chat, screen sharing and white-board.


Zoom is very suitable to support active blended learning and fits very well in the Flipped Classroom approach to education design when you teach online or in hybrid mode.

  • Organise webinars/ video meetings for up to 300 people
  • You can host meetings for up to 1000 paticipants with a special account
  • See up to 49 participant videos at the same time
  • Chat, share screen or record your meeting
  • Schedule a zoom meeting via Canvas
  • Use breakout rooms to facilitate small group discussion
  • Use the whiteboard or polling functionalities to stimulate interaction
  • Join multiple meetings simultaneously

More information

All information about the use of Zoom, such as access to Zoom, instructions, applications, use-cases, privacy guidelines and FAQs, can be found on the Zoom Canvas page. Do you want to inform students about the use of Zoom in Canvas? Visit the Zoom in Canvas page for students