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Annotate PRO

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Last updated on 11 April 2023
Annotate PRO is an online library tool that helps you to provide your students quickly with high-quality written feedback. Annotate PRO is part of VU Amsterdams digital learning environment.

Annotate PRO does not yet work via locally installed Microsoft Word!


Providing good and timely feedback is important for the learning process in active blended learning. Annotate PRO helps teachers do this. Annotate PRO is an online tool for quickly providing high quality written feedback to students. With Annotate PRO, teachers can create a library of ready-to-use feedback and paste it into Canvas Speedgrader, Feedbackfruits, Google docs and Word Online files with the click of a button. 


  • Easily develop libraries of feedback comments
  • Insert written feedback in one-click
  • Share libraries with co-workers
  • Helps you to save time
  • Works with FeedbackFruits, Google Docs, Word Online and Canvas
  • VUmc needs a special login

More information

All information about the use of Annotate PRO such as access to Annotate PRO, instructions, use-cases, applications and FAQs can be found on the Annotate PRO Canvas page.

Additional applications

Complementary to Canvas, VU offers the more specialized educational applications and tools that are usually integrated into Canvas. Examples are the plagiarism detection system Ouriginal (formerly known as Urkund) or FeedbackFruits. Look here for an overview of all applications and tools currently available at VU.