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Introduction to Business and International Management

Introduction to Business and International Management

This course aims to provide an overview of all business areas so that students can better understand how to function in organizations.

Course description

Business is all around us. A basic understanding of business concepts is useful for people pursuing any type of career. Learning the foundations about the most important aspects of business such as how are businesses organised, how to work in teams, how to market a product, how to lead, or how to judge the financial situation of a business will provide you with a toolbox to better understand the world in which you will work.

The course will expose students to the most important business knowledge. Regardless of a student’s background or career ambitions, an understanding of business concepts can help you get the job you want and provide you with a toolbox to help you advance faster.  

This interactive course teaches students the basics of business through simulations, games, movies, and in-class team assignments. The course will address the following topics: 

• Understanding the Business Environment

• Starting and Structuring a Business

• Business Management and Organisation

• Motivation, Leadership, and Teamwork

• Human Resource Management

• Principles of Marketing (branding, pricing, promotion)

• Principles of Finance (Financing and Accounting for Business Operations)

Continue reading below for course topics and more.

About this course

Course level

  • Master / Beginner / Advanced

Course coordinator

  • Oli Mihalache


  • 3 ECTS

Contact hours

  • 45


  • English

Tuition fee

  • €735 - €1310

Additional Course Information

  • Learning objectives

    By the end of this course, students will be able to: 

    • discuss the differences and relationships between different areas of a business;
    • solve practical business problems (e.g. how to organize a business, lead employees, market a product, assess the financial health of a business); 
    • present solutions to practical problems verbally and in writing for various audiences.
  • Course schedule

    In general classes will be during the week between 9am and 17pm (please take exceptions into account). Wednesday afternoons and weekends will be off for optional social activities or personal time. Please note that self-study will be required in your private time (nights and weekends). More details will be shared in the course syllabus which will be shared with the participants in June. 

  • Course syllabus

    Here you will be able to download the preliminary course syllabus.  

    *Please note that it is a preliminary syllabus and that it might be subject to some change before the course starts.  

  • About course coordinator

    Dr. Oli Mihalache is an Associate Professor of Global Strategy. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Finance from the University of Toronto (2006) and an MPhil and PhD in Strategic Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam (2009 and 2012). His research focuses on understanding how companies leverage the international context to improve their competitiveness. His work has been published in top academic journals including Decision Sciences, Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and Strategic Management Journal.

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