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Fees and scholarships

How much does VU Amsterdam Summer School cost?

See below for important information about tuition fees, scholarships and the Green Travel Grant


  • Tuition fees

    Tuition for two-week courses (3 ECTS)
    Students, PhD students and employees of VU Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC or an Aurora Network Partner€735

    Students and PhD candidates at partner universities of VU Amsterdam

    *All Dutch universities and hogescholen are partners of VU Amsterdam.

    Students and PhD candidates at non-partner universities of VU Amsterdam€1100
    Tuition for one-week courses (2 ECTS)
    Students, PhD candidates and employees of VU Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC or an Aurora Network Partner€525

    Students and PhD candidates at partner universities of VU Amsterdam

    *All Dutch universities and hogescholen are partners of VU Amsterdam.

    Students and PhD candidates at non-partner universities of VU Amsterdam€785

    Invoice request
    If you or your department wish to pay via an invoice, please request the invoice by contacting us at:

    Applications made before midnight on the 14 March receive a €50 early bird discount. This is applied automatically when completing the application form.

  • What's included?

    The tuition fee includes: 

    • Application and registration
    • Orientation programme and welcome/goodbye event
    • Course excursions (if applicable)
    • Exclusive course content for a limited number of participants
    • Individual/group guidance from the course organiser
    • Access to all VU facilities such as the library and online learning environments
    • On-site support
    • A transcript of records and certificate of attendance after completing the course
    • A discounted access to our sport facilities at Uilenstede Sportcentre

    Not included:

    • Accommodation
    • Additional social programme* 
    • Additional study books (most courses use free digital articles/books available in the library)
    • Travel expenses, insurance, visa and living expenses

    *Registrations will open in May and additional fees apply.


  • 1. Equal Access Scholarship

    Application procedure 

    Applications for the Equal Access Scholarship will open in February.

    Great that you are interested in applying for the Equal Access Scholarship. Here you can apply to the scholarship between 12 February and 1 April. Please be aware that it is only possible to select one course. 

    The results of the scholarship selection will be announced in May. Since we have a limited number of scholarships available for a large number of applicants, we suggest - if possible! - to complete your payment at the time of your course application to guarantee your place in the course. However, if you are not able to come without the scholarship, you can just wait until the announcement. If you would like to come, regardless of whether you will be granted the scholarship, it is best to secure your place in the course by completing your payment via our regular application form. If the scholarship is granted to you, the tuition and accommodation fees will be reimbursed.

    Deadline to submit your Equal Access Scholarship application: 31 March (23:59 CET). 


    When you apply via the Equal Access Scholarship application form you will be requested to upload the following documents:

    • Curriculum Vitae/Résumé (CV) stating your educational background.  
    • Professional Letter of Reference Including:
      -    His/her/their experience working with you (either in an academic, professional, or volunteer setting)
      -    His/her/their motivation for recommending you for the scholarship
      -    Complete contact information 
    • When filling out the scholarship form, we will ask the following questions*:
      1. Why are you interested in joining VU Amsterdam Summer School?
      2. What’s your motivation for selecting this course?
      3. How you will use the information you learn to make a positive impact in the future for both you and your community?
      4. Why do you deserve this scholarship?

    *Please stick to a maximum of 150 words per question.

    We highly recommend you to read our Grading System before submitting your scholarship application. 

    What is included?

    1.  Full tuition for one VU Amsterdam Summer School course in 2024
    2.  Accommodation in one of our accommodation options (if needed and allocated by summer team)*  

    * Your preference for accommodation will be taken into consideration, however allocation will be based on availability. 

    Please be aware that it is not possible to select more than one course for the scholarship. If you are interested in an extra course in a different session, then please apply for this course via our regular application form. 

    Selection process

    In order to create a fair grading system that will allow the VU Amsterdam Summer School Team to pick the best scholarship applicants, a two-part grading system will be used. In the application form, you will have to answer four questions. Please bear in mind that your answers must be 150 words maximum per question. We aim to be as transparent as possible, so here you are able to see our Grading System. This grading card will be used to select the nominees. Feel free to think outside the box.
    We are well aware of the growing use of Artificial Intelligence software in writing applications, and we are taking active measures to track such use. Points will be deducted from any application that makes use of this software. Therefore, we actively encourage students to avoid writing their applications with these tools.

    Good luck!

  • 2. Green Travel Grant

    At VU Amsterdam Summer School we are also committed to VU's sustainability goals and we aim to reduce the environmental impact of mobility, and specifically, student travel. Therefore, we are thrilled to offer Green Travel Grants to encourage sustainable travel for students attending our summer school.  

    When can I apply?

    Once the courses have been confirmed to run in mid-May or June, we will send out a newsletter to our participants with a link where they can apply for either funding for train travel or funding for bus travel. 

    The application period will last two weeks, and we will select the winners via a lottery system. More information on the specific deadlines can be found in the newsletter we send out in May. 

    How does it work?

    For students to receive the economic compensation they will need to submit their purchased travel tickets via email within two weeks after being selected as winners of the grant. Once the deadline to submit their tickets has passed, the students will receive the reimbursement. 

    How much does the Green Travel Grant cover?

    Data shows that people need extra motivation to choose more eco-friendly travel options, like trains, even though they may take longer and be less convenient or more expensive. Therefore, with this Green Travel Grant, we would like to assist in covering part of the costs of sustainable travel, and hopefully encourage students to use it more. 

    • Train grants: €100/per person 
    • Bus grants: €50/per person

    *Bike, foot, car share and other: Due to the difficulty to track and prove this, these options won’t be reimbursed.  

Team VU Amsterdam Summer School

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