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An open-minded journey to the heart of risk management

Welcome! We would like to inform you that the registered postgraduate programme Risk Management for Financial Institutions (RMFI) has stopped its activities. A different programme structure and design that offers more flexibility and is less time-consuming, such as in-company, customized and modular programmes, will continue to be offered. For more information, please contact us at or 020-59 86 159.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the 2008 financial crisis enforce a rethink in risk management. The theory and practice of risk management turned out to be ineffective at protecting the interest of stakeholders. The neoclassical equilibrium paradigm proved to be an insufficient basis for effective risk management practices.

Complex human behaviour was at the heart of numerous disasters and failed to navigate complex environments. This is a reflection of the fact that humans can sometimes be unpredictable, irrational, and overconfident. If we understand the economic and psychological issues of human behaviour we can manage the risk of those disasters, and reduce their magnitude and impact on our organisation when they happen.  

Nowadays academically responsible and practically effective risk management deserves open-minded finance that recognizes that people’s judgements, actions and decisions are affected by altruism, citizenship, fairness, greed, hubris, and other emotional wants and motives. 

Our programmes are designed to approach important risk management issues from multiple angles which should improve our understanding of the real world and lead to better decision-making under uncertainty. 



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Climate change, the 2008 financial crisis, money laundering violations; the world is fundamentally uncertain. Could we have predicted the consequences of COVID-19? 

In this video, we explain that when it comes to risk management, you can deal with these uncertainties.

Explore this excellent opportunity to learn more about behavioural risk management… at VU Risk Management for Financial Institutions! 

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