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Boost your personal development and professional growth

Invest in developing your knowledge and skills required to change and lead the investment profession. Become part of a completely unique experience.

The RBA Program (Register Beleggings Analyst - Certified Investment Analyst) provides you with a unique experience thanks to its intensive work-class curriculum that combines case studies, experiential projects, and a wide variety of other activities. As a working professional, you can adjust the planning of the modules to fit your working schedule at best. The interactive modules of the Program form a consistent portfolio aiming at boosting your personal development and professional growth. More precisely, the different sets of modules revolve around three pillars: Learn, Change, and Lead. 

The five modules that compose the first pillar, Learn‎ are offered by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 

What does this study deliver?

Studying the RBA Program at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam enables you to: 

  • Foster your understanding of core-investment foundations
  • Focus on strategic asset allocation and investment implementation
  • Strengthen your impact as a leader
  • Become tomorrow’s game-changer in the investment industry
  • Master the latest insights to answer the growing need for personal financial planning

The RBA Program  at a glance

  • Start date of the VU - (Learn) modules: medio 2025
  • Duration total program: 2.5 years (part-time)
  • Modules: 12
  • Time Investment: 10-12 hours a week of study load for each module
  • Tuition fees: Full Program ‎€ 24,000; per module from ‎€ 2,295
  • Form: in class

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Discover the RBA program

Discover the RBA program

The RBA Program offers modules of executive nature, insightful to the investment professionals to keep their professional competence up-to-date as well as to help them grow and be a next-level trusted partner with effective leadership and a good sense of integrity.

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Change your world, study the RBA program

Would you like personal advice?

For questions about how the program is organised, please contact Emiel Erbé

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