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Graduates occupy leading positions

Executive Master of M&A and Valuation

The Executive Master of M&A and Valuation is a unique M&A programme at an academic master level, covering the entire M&A process from strategy to integration. The programme matches the educational demands of a rising number of M&A professionals.

The programme provides you with the training you need, to have true impact in deals and valuation and drive your career forward. The career path of our alumni, many of which have gained leadership positions, clearly demonstrates that the programme offers what it what it takes to move ahead in M&A.

Graduates of the programme occupy leading positions as corporate M&A directors, CFOs, deal partners at ‘Big-4’ firms, senior investment bankers, private equity partners and senior M&A lawyers. The Executive Master is officially accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) and it is possible to obtain your Register Valuator degree.

RUG and VU Amsterdam join forces in the Executieve Master M&A and Valuation

The part-time executive master's programme for M&A and Valuation professionals is jointly offered by the business schools of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The training location will remain in the financial district of Amsterdam and the language spoken will remain English.

Executieve Master M&A and Valuation at a glance

Duration: 15 months (part-time)
Location: Amsterdam (Zuidas)
Start: 20 September 2024
Tuition fee: € 25,950
Degree: MSc, RV
Language: English

For more information, get in touch with our programme manager.
T: +31 0621884331 

Drive your career in M&A forward

The growing importance of M&A gives you a major career opportunity. The Executive Master of M&A offers what it what it takes to move ahead in M&A.

  1. You will learn M&As as a multidisciplinary practice. M&As involve many functions including corporate strategy, industry economics, finance, valuation, accounting, organization and change management, as well as legal and tax expertise. You will learn to apply these skills coherently in the M&A field.
  2. You will learn M&As as a multistage process. Successful M&A requires flawless execution of every stage of the process, from strategy formulation in the pre-deal stage to the deal stage and the integration or separation stage. You will learn the relevant aspects of each stage, how the stages build on each other and the crucial linkages.
  3. You will become proficient in the thorough valuation skills required for successful M&A. M&A is about gaining a competitive edge and creating value. Skills in valuation and value creation analysis are therefore indispensable for M&A professionals. You will develop valuation skills firmly embedded in the M&A process, with a tailored focus on each individual stage.
  4. Case-based teaching means that you can apply the knowledge you are acquiring from day one. Teaching is case-driven, with unique real-world case studies designed specifically for our programme. The practical real-world setting means that you can apply the knowledge you acquire immediately.
  5. A mix of authoritative lecturers from both professional practice and academia provide you with a balanced perspective.

You will be taught by a mix of practitioners, all of whom are respected authorities in their fields, and world-class academic staff. The practitioners will provide you with insights into real-life practical aspects of M&As, while the academics will offer insights that will outlast the latest trends and current fads.



"Highly relevant for participants in private equity"

Gijs van Reen, Operating Managing Director at Parcom Capital & alumnus Executive Master of M&A and Valuation.

"The Executive Master of M&A and Valuation provided me with a broader vision of transactions. At the time I was focusing on the execution of financial due diligence projects. The programme helped me to place this in the wider perspective of the M&A process and valuation. This certainly helped me to take the next step in my career, first within KPMG but also definitively when I moved to Private Equity. If you look at the investment memos that we prepare for potential new acquisitions you will basically see all aspects of the programme reflected. So not only the technical valuation items but also all other strategic, operational, legal and other aspects which have been discussed extensively during the programme as part of the many case studies. As such, I would recommend this course to anyone involved in Private Equity settings."

Change your world, study the Executive Master of M&A and Valuation

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