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The Campus: the lively hub of the university

Our campus is not just the place where you attend classes, but it is also where you meet up with friends, go to the cinema or play sports—both day and night.

The campus square is the heart of the campus. This is where people come together. It is also the place where you can work or have meetings at one of the outdoor cafés or on one of the benches. There, you can also find a grand café, a supermarket, coffee places, food trucks, a library and a bookstore. You can play sports on the beach volleyball courts, the basketball court or at the sports centre. Or take a walk through the Zuidas botanical gardens, the green oasis of our campus.

The cultural centre offers performances and workshops. During the summer, we organise the ‘On the roof’ film festival at the rooftop of the VU main building.

Our campus is a tight-knit community, and it is important to us that you feel at home here. About 16% of our students come from abroad. If you study at VU Amsterdam, you will meet people from many different cultures as well as students from other study programmes.

  • We offer talent a home
    Because the buildings and facilities are all in one location, many new collaborations pop up regularly in the areas of research and education. And that is where innovation really begins! The buildings are modern and sustainable, and we offer state-of-the-art facilities. Our campus is continuously expanding and adapting to the needs of the time. And with student housing just a 5-minute bike ride away, VU Amsterdam can truly feel like a home to our students.
  • Turning knowledge into societal value
    Because we are located in the Zuidas business district, VU Amsterdam is a place where people from education, research and the business community come together. Our campus is also a unique place for startups. In addition to top-of-the-line research facilities and laboratories, companies also benefit from the close proximity to talented and ambitious students. This stimulates knowledge exchange and collaboration within a large network. 
  • Meeting spaces
    We have various spaces at the campus where you can meet with others for debating, relaxing, holding meetings and collaborating together. The student associations also have designated spaces on our campus. This is a place where you can truly experience student life.
  • Easy to reach
    The campus is very easy to reach. It is located close to Amsterdam Zuid train station and there are tram and bus stops right at our doorstep. Whether you are travelling to VU Amsterdam by metro, bus or train, you can reach the campus easily. And the university is also easy to reach by bicycle if you live in the greater Amsterdam area. 
  • Sustainable campus
    VU Amsterdam has big ambitions when it comes to sustainability, with the ultimate aim of contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Flexibility, sustainability and cost consciousness are important drivers for the development of the Campus. New sustainable buildings are delivered according to BREEAM standards, the top of environmental sustainability assessments. Old buildings are refurbished to meet current sustainability standards as much as possible. Sustainability is also an integral part of our education. We strive to be part of the top 10 sustainable universities worldwide. 
  • Online campus tour
    Visit the campus from the comfort of your home in our virtual reality campus tour

When getting to VU Amsterdam for the first time, you need to get used to all buildings, codes and hallways. If you see a room number (code), this may look like the following example: WN-Q105.

The first two letters indicate the building you need to go to (in this case, the W&N building). The next letter indicates the hallway (Q) and the following digits the floor and the room number (1 = first floor (not in the American sense of the word, by the way, the ground floor is 0)) and 05 is the room number. So, you need to go to the W&N building, hallway Q, first floor, room 05.

The codes indicate the following buildings:

  • HG = Main building
  • WN = W&N building
  • NU = New University building, the black building facing the football fields
  • IN = Initium building, next to the tram/metro stop to Amstelveen
  • MF = the building of the Medical Faculty, among others and next to the University Medical Centre.

Still confused? At the main entrance you will find hosts leading you in the right direction!