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VU Campus map

Welcome to the VU campus. Find your entrance in the map below.

The VU Campus is a welcoming and lively meeting place where students, teachers, researchers and the business community come together. On the map you will find the (wheelchair friendly) entrances and elevators, coffee corners, parking entrances and more.

Map VU Campus
Map Campus Uilenstede

When getting to VU Amsterdam for the first time, you need to get used to all buildings, codes and hallways. If you see a room number (code), this may look like the following example: WN-Q105.

The first two letters indicate the building you need to go to (in this case, the W&N building). The next letter indicates the hallway (Q) and the following digits the floor and the room number (1 = first floor (not in the American sense of the word, by the way, the ground floor is 0)) and 05 is the room number. So, you need to go to the W&N building, hallway Q, first floor, room 05.

The codes indicate the following buildings:

  • HG = Main building
  • WN = W&N building
  • NU = New University building
  • IN = Initium building
  • MF = MF building

Still confused? At the main entrance you will find hosts leading you in the right direction!