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Study prevention strategies, diagnosis and treatment

Hot topics in Neurology and Psychiatry

In this minor, you will meet researchers and clinicians in the field of neurology and psychiatry and thus gain insight into current research topics to become a “translational clinical scientist”. You will learn to critically read, analyze and debate papers in the field of neurology and psychiatry, write an opinion paper and present your own research proposal.

Topics in psychiatry include crisis and forensic child and adolescent psychiatry, as well as epidemiology, neuropsychiatry and the use of big data in adult psychiatry.

Neurological topics include the histopathology, clinical findings and treatment options for disorders such as epilepsy, childhood white-matter disorders, multiple sclerosis, neuro-oncology, Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease. You will meet patients and their treating physicians, visit a juvenile justice institution, a centre where they treat depression with ECT, the epilepsy centre “SEIN”, learn all about how brain networks relate to cognition and disability,  learn how to look under the microscope at brain tissue and how to interpret functional and structural brain scans.

In this exciting and diverse minor, you will gain knowledge as well as new skills and ways to apply them in this important field.

The minor (24 or 30 EC) consists of two components:

  • The minor-module Hot topics in Neurology and Psychiatry (24 EC)
  • Tracks of 30 EC will be completed with a literature essay (6 EC)

NB: Exchange students who wish to apply for one of these tracks need to have completed at least 90 EC in a relevant program, like for example in medicine, biomedicine, psychobiology, technical medicine, medical biology, liberal arts & sciences or biopharmaceutical sciences.