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Improving health and achieving equity in health

How does urbanization, climate change and migration affect health and health care? What are the social, political and economic impacts of health problems and diseases? How can we improve health and achieve equity in health?

The world is facing a complex set of global challenges such as new and emerging infectious diseases, changing disease patterns, aging and risings costs of health care. To effectively address this, global health researchers need to cross disciplinary boundaries and interact with health professionals, patients and others to gain in-depth understanding of global health problems, and to set out cohesive and strategic action to solve these problems.

In this minor, students from different study programs will get the opportunity to work together with various local and global communities on a real-life health challenge. The minor challenges students to cross disciplinary boundaries and make a lasting impact by designing a sustainable innovation for a complex health problem.

Sophie Renckens, student minor global health

Sophie Renckens, student minor global health

'What I really enjoyed in the minor Global Health was the wide variety of current and future health challenges: like the upsurge of diabetes in developing countries, very recent Zika- and Ebola outbreaks and refugee health for example. The passionate guest speakers put these issues into different perspectives, making it very lively lectures."

Sophie Renckens