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How behaviour is influenced by our brain, genes and cognition

Integration of neuroscience, behavioral genetics, and cognitive psychology

All courses are taught in English. Below you will find an overview of the courses with a short description. More information about each course can be found in the Study Guide.

Overview courses

  • Genes in Behaviour and health

    Genes in Behaviour and health is concerned with the interaction between genes and environment and its influence on behaviour and health.

  • Current topics in cognition

    Current topics in cognition focusses on mental processes such as perception, attention, awareness, and memory, and how these can be understood from a cognitive, neuroscientific,  and behavioural perspective.

  • Research toolbox

    Research toolbox focuses on experimental skills and techniques required to study cognition and the brain in relation to behaviour.

  • Analysis Toolbox

    Analysis Toolbox focusses on statistical programming.

  • Psychophysiological measurements

    Psychophysiological measurements aims to teach skills and techniques for psychophysiological measurements.