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Extracting knowledge and insights from data

The minor consists of a number of advanced courses that complement  the corresponding Bachelor programmes in Information Sciences, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence in the direction of data collection and data-driven solution methods.

The minor is composed by two compulsory courses on Introduction to Data Science, and Data Wrangling, plus two constrained choices, where students select the courses that better fit their interests. 

In the first constrained choice students can choose one course between: Data Structures and Algorithms*, or Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (marked as '1 out of 2' in the list below). 

In the second constrained choice students can choose two courses between: Data Analytics and Privacy, Information Retrieval, or Logistics Analysis (marked as '2 out of 3' in the list below).

*Students from Computer Science cannot choose this course as it is already part of their curriculum. Students from Artificial Intelligence who have followed the course Data Structure and Algorithms for AI XB_0043 also cannot choose this course because the courses  are too similar.

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