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Find out how communication drives us

In the Minor Communication Science you will learn to analyze communication processes - between individuals, involving companies and their stakeholders or within the public debate.

As a result, you will improve your understanding on the role of communication processes within your own discipline and you will learn to influence these processes. In the Minor’s Tutorial you will also conduct your own research concerning the effectiveness of convincing messages.

This minor consists of 5 subjects that yield 6 EC per course. All courses are taught in English. Below you will find an overview of the courses with a short description. More information about each course can be found in the study guide.

Overview courses

  • Introduction to Communication Science

    In daily life we are immersed in media and communication. This introductory course presents the main questions that communication scholars ask. You will learn to understand communication in terms of image, agenda setting, transfer of information, propaganda, attitude change, media functions and more.

  • Marketing and Persuasive Communication

    Persuasive communication is everywhere. Marketeers are trying to sell their products, non-profit organizations are recruiting donors and politicians are trying to win public support. How do we make each of these communications effective?

  • Media Entertainment

    Entertainment is a serious business. In this course you will study the history of entertainment media and their impact on culture, with a strong focus on the psychology of media use.

  • Media, Society and Politics

    In this course you learn to understand the how and why of the - sometimes fierce - social debates. You will study these debates from different perspectives: citizens, media and different stakeholders in the debate like government or politicians, commercial organizations or social movements.

  • Project 3 Effective Persuasion

    In this project, you will work in teams on designing and conducting an experiment to test the effectiveness of a message. Using information and theories, you will then develop your own research idea (what would you like to change; what should your message target; what should your message content contain and look like?) and turn this into a testable question. You will experimentally test the effectiveness of your message and learn to correctly report the results.