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Business models in today’s dynamic environment

Business Administration: New ways of doing business

In the minor New Ways of Doing Business, practice meets business theory in a highly interactive atmosphere. You lay a solid foundation for your future career and further develop your innovative thinking.

Across all courses, a variety of traditional and innovative teaching techniques are used to create a comprehensive learning experience. After completing the minor, you will have a better understanding of how modern organizations compete in today’s business world. You will also have the opportunity to develop core skills ​​to contribute as an individual to the value and business model of your future organization!

Once you have finished this minor, you:

  • Have an advanced understanding of the traditional and emerging theoretical frameworks and concepts developed for studying organizations and their environment (foundational knowledge),
  • Are able to adopt theoretical frameworks and apply tools to real-world situations and organizations (application),
  • Are able to report, expose and defend your analyses and business recommendations (critical, creative, and practical thinking), in both writing (reports) and speaking (discussion and presentations), and
  • Are able to work in teams and properly allocate tasks among team members under time pressure (team project and project management).

Therefore, in addition to the content-centred goals and objectives, the minor fosters the development of the following skills: self-reliance, meaningful communication, creativity, and strategic thinking. Case studies, guest lectures, discussions, individual works, teamwork, and a consulting project are aimed at encouraging reflection and challenging conventional wisdom!

Finally, you have the opportunity to take a 12 EC internship as part of the minor. If you choose this option you have to arrange your internship in either in period 1 and 2, or in period 2 and 3. In case you have questions about internships you can contact Career Services at the Faculty of Business and Economics. They can answer your questions and support you in the application process.

For specific information about the specific course objectives, please consult the study guide.

Overview courses

  • Foundations of Business Administration

    Get familiar with the foundations of business administration: strategy, marketing, finance, accounting, logistics, technology, and human resource management. 

    Watch this video for more information

  • Business Professional

    Familiarize yourself with different functional management jobs, including CEO, Marketing, HRM, and CTO. You will develop your soft skills, such as persuasion, negotiation, presentation, and networking. 

    Watch this video for more information

  • Business Model Innovation

    Using business model thinking, combine and apply the knowledge from the above-mentioned courses to study and innovate businesses. This will give you an edge to be successful in the new era of doing business.

  • Business Model Assessment

    Part of doing business is being able to produce and interpret financial data. In this course, you will become familiar with finance and accounting practices, and will develop skills and insights to assess (your own or any other) business models.

  • Business Project

    With the knowledge you acquired in this minor, design and conduct a consultancy project for a real-life organization. Last year’s organization we worked with was Total.

Mike Roozenburg

Mike Roozenburg

This minor has given me a profound understanding of the strategies and challenges in creating successful business models that can withstand the rapidly changing circumstances of the current market. 

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