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Understanding the field of Bible translations

Bible Translation in the Digital Age

Bible Translation in the Digital Age

This minor thoroughly introduces the student in the field of Bible translation in relation to linguistics, cultural mediation, contextual theology, exegesis and digital text analysis. The student will be trained in using modern tools from the fascinating world of Digital Humanities. 

Starting with an introduction in translation studies, the programme enters into Bible translation while using digital tools and research techniques. After discussing contextual theology and hermeneutical questions about Bible translation, the programme finishes with practical exercise in Bible translation.

Overview courses

  • Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication (level 300)

    In this course you acquire a perspective on translation as intercultural communication, with the translator as mediator between source and target cultures. You will become familiar with basic notions from translation studies such as skopos, equivalence, translation brief, transculturation, translation transformation. The biblical text and its worldview is, from a translational perspective, confronted with contemporary views (e.g. on gender, sustainable development, etc.).

  • Bible Translation in a Global Context (level 300)

    In this course you learn how to apply notions and methods of Translation Studies to the translation of the Bible. You will also gain insight into the complex interaction of between textual and canonical criticism, source and redaction criticism, theological traditions, hermeneutics and Bible Translation. You will become familiar with the role of the translator and the importance of interpretation in the translation process.

  • Bible Translation and Digital Humanities (level 300)

    In this course you learn to apply digital resources for editing and comparing texts and translations, as well as for groundbreaking computational linguistic research supporting the Bible translators.

  • Bible Translation as Contextual Theology (level 300)

    You will learn to reflect on the contexts of authors, scribes, translators and readers and apply insights from contextual Bible reading to the practice of Bible translation.

  • Bible Translation: Practical Skills (level 300)

    A practical involvement in Bible translation in which you learn to apply your insights from the previous courses, combining digital humanities, contextual theology and translation studies.