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Projects Economics of sustainable energy

The main aim of the research is to understand which policies can accelerate the transition to clean and sustainable energy systems – in the Netherlands, in Europe and in the Global South.

This research on renewable and sustainable energy covers the regulation of energy markets and technologies, and the design of policy instruments for the energy transition, such as carbon taxes.

Below an overview


  • ALIGN4energy (2022-2026)

    Individuals and citizen collectives often face significant information, coordination, and transaction costs which slows down the energy transition process in residential structures. At the same time, policymakers are expected to coordinate a complicated process that determines the overall effectiveness of the new energy system and the cost of decarbonization. ALIGN4energy aims to address both challenges by (1) mapping citizens’ preferences and investment barriers in a transdisciplinary manner (2) modeling how certain investments will affect the efficiency of the entire energy system; (3) creating an adaptive digital decision-support system (the SAMEN-platform) for citizens and policymakers that optimizes investments at the individual and energy system levels while also providing users with customized information and planning; and (4) Co-developing and systematically field- testing participation mechanisms, citizen engagement tactics, and behavioral interventions to encourage investments.

    Project website:

    Contact information: Dr Sanchayan Banerjee, Dr Julia Blash, Prof. Wouter Botzen, Prof. Pieter van Beukering,
    Dr Miguel Poblete Cazenave, Marjan Nikolosk, MSc

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  • EnDev Real-Time Evaluation (2021-2023)

    Energising Development (EnDev) is a donor funded programme that delivers permanent access to modern energy technologies and services. IVM is conducting a real-time evaluation of this programme on the basis of the OECD-DAC criteria, and provides a strategic evaluation of the programme’s contribution to sector transitions in the 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America in which EnDev’s projects take place.

    Project website:

    Contact information: Dr Marije Schaafsma and Prof. Pieter van Beukering