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Haringvliet the dynamic delta (2018-2019)

The idea behind this project is that a simultaneous improvement of the natural environment of Haringvliet and its recreational use benefits the local economy and regional quality of life.

With the Dream Fund project (i.e. Droomfondsproject) Haringvliet six nature organisations invest in Haringvliet’s nature, landscape and recreational infrastructure. The Institute for Environmental Studies, Blueconomy and Wageningen University jointly address the question: “What are the societal benefits of the Haringvliet dream fund project and can these benefits be increased in the future through far-reaching nature and recreational development of the area?” To answer this question, this study evaluated three future scenarios for the Haringvliet area on their effects on the Triple Bottom Line (i.e. Planet, People, and Profit). 

The results indicate that a more open dam system, allowing for more exchange between the fresh water and marine environment, accompanied with the nature restoration measures are beneficial for Planet, People, and Profit. In the Planet domain, more open dams reduce erosion and increase sedimentation, therewith facilitating the necessary climate adaptation of the region. The Dream Fund measures increase carbon sequestration, improve the water quality and enhance biodiversity. Regarding the People domain, there is high public support for all proposed scenarios. The combination of the nature restoration measures with more open dam management enhances the provisioning of highly demanded ecosystem services, resulting in improved recreational opportunities and a better quality of life in the region. The results for the Profit domain illustrate positive economic and financial effects of the Dream Fund measures and a more open dam system in terms of higher added value, an increase in local employment, and an increasing number of companies settling in the region. The main conclusion of the study is clear: improvements in the natural environment, better recreational opportunities and a more open dam system in the Haringvliet are beneficial for nature and people. 

Main report:
van Beukering, P., Rienstra, G., Koetse M., van Teeffelen, A., de Groot, D., van Wieringen, D. & Schulp, N. (2019). De Dynamische Delta: Socio-economische effecten van toekomst alternatieven van een duurzame Haringvliet. IVM-rapport (R-19/02). Instituut voor Milieuvraagstukken, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Planet reports:
van Teeffelen, A.J.A. & Schulp, C.J.E. (2019). De Dynamische Delta: Deelstudie naar de effecten van droomfondsmaatregelen op ecosysteemdiensten (PLANET). Instituut voor Milieuvraagstukken, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 

van Wieringen, D.R.G. (2019). The impact of sluice management on biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Haringvliet. MSc thesis, Wageningen University & Research.

Profit reports:
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Photo: Natuurmonumenten