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Tailor-Made Training (TMT)

Tailor-Made Training (TMT) is meant to improve the overall functioning of an organisation by training a selected group of staff. An organisation facing knowledge and skills problems in achieving its goals can request a tailor-made training course to assist in addressing these challenges.

CIS competently develops and implements interactive TMT programmes for professional development. We do this on direct request of an organisation or by participating in public tender procedures where there is a request for a TMT. We thus offer customised tailor-made training programmes for professionals which meet the specific needs of their organisation. By offering varied programmes that respond to the needs of mature professionals, we strive to have an impact on individual, team and organisational performances. 

We develop our programmes in close interaction with representative(s) of our clients to manage expectations and ensure that the programme is as tailor-made as possible. While developing the programmes we make use of our internal and external network within Higher Education, Government, NGOs, CSOs and the Business Community.  

In our tailor-made programmes we offer professionals a combined approach of:

  • Updating/ refreshing their current competencies with the latest academic insights and practical skills training
  • Exposure to relevant organisations in the Netherlands and/ or Europe to learn from best-practices in the field
  • Organisational learning by reflecting on own professional experience
  • Orientation towards the future on how participants wish to implement lessons learned on a personal and organisational level

Over the years CIS has coordinated numerous TMT programmes. Participants ranged from university staff, policymakers, employees from companies, government officers, NGO staff and CSO staff. The objectives of a TMT and specific learning needs which need to be addressed are always determined by the requesting organisation and function as the basis for a TMT. On average a TMT has a duration of 1 or 2 weeks although it’s sometimes extended to 3 weeks. 

Over the years CIS has organised TMT programmes in, for example:

  • Training on Fair Trial Rights for the Rwandan National Public Prosecution Authority (NPPA)
  • Interdisciplinary, Practice-Oriented Water Education for the University of Yangon in Myanmar
  • Training of Trainers on Health Governance for the Lagos State Ministry of Health in Nigeria 
  • Training to Non-Specialists in Delivering Mental Health Programs for Syrian Refugees in Jordan together with Institute for Family Health (IFH) of the Noor Al-Hussein Foundation
  • University Teacher Qualification for the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) and Universitas Indonesia (UI)
  • Professional mediation training and referral to mediation training for businesses and the court in Suriname
  • Training-of-Trainers for the Financial Institutions Training Institute (FITI) in Bhutan

For more information and/or if your organisation has the need for a TMT, please contact: Marise van Amersfoort and/or Esther den Hartog.


 “The training has offered many skills, it has offered insights, reflection and tools for personal growth” (Mediation Group, Suriname)

“Entire programme relevant to what we aspired to lean and achieve, Intelligently and efficiently tailored to our needs” (FITI, Bhutan)

“The training on monitoring and evaluation was very useful because I learnt the importance of doing monitoring and evaluation for a particular program namely knowing whether the program has been implemented as intended, achieved the intended results or has had any impact but also being able to make informed decisions for future programs”. (Africa Restoring Bridges Initiatives, DR Congo) 

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