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Proposal and Publication Writing

Traditional funding patterns for Higher Education Institutes are changing worldwide, as a response to societal and economic developments.

Proposal writing

While relying heavily on public resources in the past, today Public Higher Education Institutes face increasing pressure to raise funds, at least for their research programmes, as a result of greater competition for public resources. Government authorities support, and where possible promote, private investment in research and education. , while Higher Education Institutes adjust their strategies to streamline costs and enhance revenue generation, aside from adopting measures to improve their intellectual status and gain greater international visibility. Our advisors on proposal writing offer training sessions that will provide guidance and practical recommendations for improving the success rate of a proposal. We address a wide range of topics related to the various stages of proposal writing, for both research and capacity building projects, such as:

  • Identification and selection of relevant calls
  • Orientation, consortium development and communication
  • Understanding reviewers perspectives
  • Development of compelling proposals
  • Submission procedures

Publication writing

University staff and post-graduate students are increasingly under pressure to increase their number of scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals. The phrase “Publish or Perish” is becoming an almost inescapable reality in academia. Scientific writing and successful publications are essential to contribute to advancing knowledge and practice in given fields of expertise. They serve to communicate research results to the scientific community and bring attention to scholars and their institutions. This in turn may bring in more funding for the respective institutes. However, authors may face barriers, such as a lack of understanding about scientific writing and the publishing process, and fail to get their articles published. Our advisors on publication writing offer training that will provide guidance and practical recommendations to help both inexperienced and more experienced authors to more efficiently publish the results of their work in the peer-reviewed literature. The training will address, amongst others, the following elements:

  • Publication planning, writing and submission process
  • Literature review & referencing
  • Publication content and structure
  • Writing style, grammar and spelling
  • Effective use of tables, figures and other visuals 

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