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VU Foundation (Stichting VU)

The VU Foundation (Stichting VU) is the legal entity under which Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam operates. The management of the Foundation is in the hands of the Executive Board.

Objectives and related documentation

1.1. The Foundation’s objectives are:
a. to provide higher education and conduct scientific research with a commitment towards and for the benefit of society; and
b. to foster the provision of information about and reflection on the relationship between higher education and scientific research on the one hand and belief systems, culture and society on the other hand.

1.2. The Foundation works toward achieving these objectives by, for example:
a. ensuring continuity of the university;
b. developing and organizing, in cooperation with the Association and VUmc Foundation, the provision of information and public activities concerning, in particular, issues and topics relating to the relationship between the work by the institutions VU and VUmc and belief systems, culture and society;
c. accepting responsibility for and potentially participating in other institutions for higher education or scientific research;
d. initiating, organizing, co-organizing, or supporting and facilitating, in cooperation with the Association and VUmc Foundation, the provision of information and activities intended to foster the mutual relationship between the institutions VU and VUmc and society; and e. cooperating with other legal entities and their associated institutions with similar objectives, and anything which is related to or which may be conducive to the foregoing, all of this in the broadest sense of the word.

4.3. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam emanates from the VUvereniging within the meaning of Section 1.1(i) of the Higher Education and Research Act.

Name of the organizationStichting VU
RSIN/tax number851029279 (Tax number), 53815211 (Chamber of Commerce number)
Contact detailsDe Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Implementation policy planIn accordance with articles of association, Article 4: objective.
Board compositionThe Executive Board manages the Foundation. The Executive Board consists of three people. Members of the Executive Board are appointed by the Supervisory Board. The Executive Board is composed as follows.
Board members’ namesExecutive Board VU: dr. ir. M. J. Jonkman (chair), prof. dr. J.J.G. Geurts (rector magnificus), dr. M.J.W.T. Nollen
Secretarydrs. B. van Leijen MPM
Remuneration policyThe Supervisory Board sets the remuneration of the members of the Executive Board in accordance with the Executives’ Pay (Standards) Act (WNT). They receive an expense allowance for their work as Foundation board members. Members of the Supervisory Board receive expense allowances and attendance fees for their efforts on behalf of the Foundation. The Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) for Dutch Universities governs university employees.
Policy PlanThe university’s strategic plan also serves as the Foundation’s policy plan.
Report of the Foundation’s activitiesSee the annual reports of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Financial accountabilityIncluded in the annual report as the annual accounts of the VU Foundation.

Documents [in Dutch]
Charter of the VU Foundation
VU Foundation Annual Report from 2013 and further

For more information, also see: Supervisory Board of VU Foundation


The VU Foundation is recognized by the tax Authorities as a public benefit organization (PBO) (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling - ANBI). This means that no inheritance tax or gift tax is due on legacies and donations that the VU Foundation receives. Such legacies and donations thus fully benefit the work of the VU Foundation. Distributions made by the VU Foundation itself in the public interest are also exempt from gift tax. Moreover, donations to the VU Foundation are tax-deductible (personal and corporate, and in accordance with applicable regulations).

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