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The Connective

In our podcast, The Connective, students and staff join in the conversation on big topics, like activism, social anxiety, loss and gender. We follow up every episode, with an on-campus event, where we open up the conversation with the university’s community.

In our newest episode, we talk with Camée Comperen, a student of political sciences, and Job van Ballegoijen de Jong, a lawyer at the ZuidAs. The topic is pretending to study, and specifically: being a ‘pretend student’. Both Camée and Job have experience with pretending to still be busy with their studies, while in fact, they weren’t, and they share their stories. In addition, they take a step backwards and wonder what brings people to the point of lying about their study progress. Listen on your favourite podcasting platform! 

On June 5th, starting at 3:30 PM, we organize the ‘On Campus Edition’ of this episode. You’ll find all information on the event page, or you can sign up immediately here. Together with Job and Camée, as well as experts on the topic, Mieke Bosch and Anna van der Steen, we continue the conversation about pretending to study. How can you break the circle of lying about study progress? And how can we help others who struggle with it?  

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The Connective is a coproduction of NEWConnective and VU Campusradio. NEWConnective is the platform for life’s big questions, from philosophy to religion, and meaning to connecting. VU Campusradio is your stage for creativity, from radio tot online content.