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Study association STORM

STORM is the study association of the departments of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Faculty of Science.

STORM provides support during your studies, but we are also here to make the rest of life as pleasant as possible. We organise lectures from teachers and companies, but also so-called "borrels", activities and parties.

At STORM you can buy text books with a discount and you can come to us with study-related complaints. We also provide old exams for practice. More fun things we do are for example activities like paintball, a day at Artis (the Amsterdam zoo), movie nights and whiskey tasting.

Of course we have "borrels" like the famous cocktail borrel, de absintherklaas borrel, the apres-ski borrel, de color borrel and the champagne borrel. Once a year STORM also organises the IntroduCie-weekend (the introduction weekend) and the ALD (2 days where all active members are rewarded for their input).