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Sports associations

VU sports associations

VU Sports Centre has strong connections with a lot of sports clubs. Below sports clubs have our Sports Centre as their home base.

Okeanos Amsterdam
Student rowing club at the national rowing course in the Netherlands, the Bosbaan, a stone's throw from the VU. A diverse and open association where you can find everything you need for top sport as well as for fun and club life. Since 1980, Okeanos has continuously supplied rowers for the Olympic Games.
For more information, visit

SVU Basketball
Basketball for students and by students. Want to know more, want to join for training or become a member of our club? Check our Facebook-page and get in touch with us!

SVU Volleyball
With eight women’s teams and four men’s teams, SVU makes for one of the most fun and biggest student volleyball clubs in Amsterdam. Besides the monthly activities, there are 15 committees at SVU, ensuring that there never is a boring moment. SVU Volleyball is a very dynamic club, where every year is different.
Would you like to join as a member? Please look for further information on

TeniSTA is a student tennis club in Amsterdam that is supported by the VU Sports Centre and the Vrije Universiteit. You can find TeniSTA at the ALTC de Aemstelbrugh park. It is located at a 10-minute bike ride from the campus. Sport is combined with social interaction, allowing you to meet many new tennis mates. TeniSTA is a year-round tennis club, meaning you are free to play tennis year-round!
Would you like to become a member of TeniSTA? Read more on

Student Sports VU (SSVU)
Student Sports VU (SSVU) is the umbrella organization for student sports of the Vrije Universiteit. It refers to all sports facilities that the VU offers. These are the VU Sports Centre (on Uilenstede and on Campus), the associations affiliated with SSVU and the fitness/group lessons of athletes. Physical contact with all parties is important here, the SSVU can be found a lot at the VU Sports Centre and also visits the associations.

Furthermore, SSVU is affiliated with Studentensport Nederland (SSN). Through national contacts with sports councils in the Netherlands, we are aware of major national developments within student sports. The link of our site is:

Of course, Amsterdam has many other student sports associations. For more information, see the association page of Sportcentrum VU or Studentsport VU.