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RoutinEDA project

The NWO-TTW project “Expanding the scope and downscaling the format of high throughput Effect-Directed Analysis for routine water cycle monitoring and effective control” is co-led by dr. Jeroen Kool.

Proper monitoring of chemical water quality is extremely challenging due to the large variety of compounds that should be analysed and due to the presence of biologically active compounds with unknown chemical identity.

To overcome this difficulty, a high throughput Effect-Directed Analysis platform (HT-EDA) was developed that combines liquid chromatography (LC) with high resolution fractionation, high resolution mass spectrometry and parallel bioassay detection. The HT-EDA platform will be expanded with bioassays for oxidative stress, toxicity of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals.

Furthermore, enhancement of the identification success rate by orthogonal chromatographic separations and development of screening protocols using Met-ID for unknown metabolites will be pursued, in addition to further innovation and miniaturization of the platform using microfluidic spotting and microarray bioassaying.