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Research facilities

The campus has high-quality research facilities and laboratories for education and research.

Demonstrator Lab
A facility for students and researchers from various academic institutions in Amsterdam where they can check at a very early stage how promising their ideas and initiatives are before moving on to a start-up.

Human Performance Lab
The Human Performance Lab is a research facility with a unique climate-controlled room where research into human performance parameters is carried out under extreme circumstances (low oxygen; low and high temperatures). Also available are rooms for anthropometric measurements (dimensions and proportions of the human body), measurements of muscle strength, as well as running tests with cycling ergometers.

Research Labs in the O|2 building
The O|2 Lab building is one of the first among Dutch academia buildings developed for the research theme Human Life Sciences. The building sports biochemical labs, labs for synthesis, a lab for radionuclides, and an ML-III lab for research into resistant bacteria and such. 

Laboratory for research into dangerous pathogenic micro-organisms, such as tuberculosis . The ML-III Lab is important to the development of next generation antibiotics to combat resistant bacteria effectively. The Lab counts three level III labs to enable the pursuit of various lines of enquiry in parallel.

Skills Labs
These learning rooms have been configured as hospitals rooms. Four types of skills labs will be realized: basic nursing care, OR assistant (operation room with OR-table), intensive care room, and radio-diagnostic laboratory assistant (X-Ray room with observation window).

VU Behavioural Lab
The VU Behavioural Lab (VBL) is the hub for (experimental) behavioural research. VBL is interdisciplinary and consists of several laboratories from different disciplines – bringing together scholars from behavioural economics, psychology, organizational behaviour, marketing, public administration, law, and communication. It is designed to integrate, professionalize, and expand the facilities for behavioural experimental research, in order to stimulate research and collaborations, and to improve visibility.

Network Institute Tech Labs
The Tech Labs of the Network Institute are high-tech full-support laboratories situated in the NU-building. We offer support from fleshing out a research idea, to developing custom (software) solutions and the use of fully equipped lab spaces.

Whether you are looking for a fast data processing tool, a custom design survey tool, biophysical sensors, virtual reality environments or just need some advise on how to realise your latest research idea, our Tech Labs can help you. We have extensive expertise in virtual reality custom solutions and offer a broad range of VR equipment for use in our two flexible labs.