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Physics of Living Systems

The experimental and theoretical research in our section explores the physical and mechanistic principles underlying the functional organization, dynamics, and mechanics of living systems.

We address fundamental biophysical questions across different scales, from single molecules to viruses and chromosomes, as well as the emergent physics of living cells, tissues, and whole organisms. In our labs, we develop and apply a range of advanced quantitative experimental techniques to image and micro-manipulate the physics of such living systems across many orders of magnitude in length, time, force and torque scales. To develop theory for the physics of living systems, we combine approaches from (non-)equilibrium statistical and soft matter physics with dynamical systems theory, information theory, and machine learning. By sharing facilities and methods, our section fosters a collaborative and synergistic research environment to address challenges at the frontiers of the physics of living systems.

Header artwork made by group members Elizaveta Loseva and Aniruddha Mitra

Research topics

About the research section Physics of Living Systems

Meet the people and learn more about the subjects of the Physics of Living Systems research section of the Department of Physics and Astronomy in the video.


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