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Find support

A team of research supporters is ready for your questions.

Want to set up good data management, need to create a contract, or have questions about your grant proposal? The person to answer your questions can be found on these pages. 

Research Data Support

  • Research Data Support Team

    Data stewards in the faculties and the library can help you with research data management issues, like writing your data management plan, advise you about storing, sharing and securing your research data and help you with publishing, archiving and registering research data. Meet the support team here.

  • Privacy Champions

    Privacy Champions in the faculties and Legal Affairs can help you with privacy and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) issues, like how to process sensitive personal data, using a data processing agreement or questions related to data protection. Meet the Privacy champions here

  • RDM in your faculty

    Research (data) support is organized separately in all faculties and some research institutes, consisting of data stewards, privacy champions and other research support experts. Faculties have their own RDM-policies, following the general VU-RDM-policy and their own support pages. You can find faculty support here.

  • Network Research Data Support (NRDS)

    RDM Support at the VU consists of a multidisciplinary network of experts, with expertise on general RDM issues, training, Data Management Plans, IT solutions, information security, privacy, legal and ethical issues in the context of research data management. RDM Support is organized in the Research Data Support Network (NRDS). Find out more about the NRDS here.

  • IT facilities

    Do you need help with devices, data storage, do you want to request IT facilities or need IT for your research? The AskIT service portal facilitates all VU IT services, including RDM related IT services. Get the answers to the FAQ here, or submit your IT-related question on Ask IT.

  • IT for researchers

    IT for research is the IT department dedicated to providing tailor-made solutions for researchers. You can get in touch with them by sending an e-mail to

  • Innovation Exchange - Grants Office

    The IXA-GO department (Innovation Exchange Amsterdam - Grants Office) is supporting researchers in the field of valorisation and research grants. 

  • Community

    All researchers and research support staff who are interested in research data management are welcome to join the VU RDM Community. The objective of the network is to exchange knowledge and inspire each other.