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Diversity is part of our identity and it is one of our priority areas. At VU Amsterdam, we believe that diversity contributes to the quality of education and research and it strengthens collaborations. We challenge everyone to bridge differences, think freely and be open to the uniqueness of others.

Embracing and championing differences
Individuals differ from each other when it comes to their ethnic, cultural or religious background, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, abilities or disabilities, previous education and academic discipline. At Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, we believe that all members of the VU community should be able to bridge these differences. Because if we embrace and champion individual differences, it leads to greater creativity and talent development.

Diversity enriches us all
VU Amsterdam aims to provide an environment that promotes diversity and inclusion, where people feel comfortable and encouraged to share their unique perspectives. We make it a point to facilitate the inclusion of all of our employees, with all of their individual differences. This is because every one of us is enriched by diversity, especially in a world with increasing intercultural, geographical and interdisciplinary connections. One example of how we facilitate diversity to enrich university life is in the Mixed Classroom.

Diverse at VU Amsterdam