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Deep Tech Innovation

Deep Tech Innovation (DTI) focuses on science-based technology development, implementation and integration in the fast-changing technological and socio-cultural landscape. BTI explores both the natural science behind innovations as well as the business- and social scientific aspects of innovations that sprout from natural scientific research & development.

The research is organized around research subjects Breakthrough Technologies and Sustainable Innovation Chair: Breakthrough technologies for sustainable innovation are technologies that (may) achieve or are achieving radical change, for example achieving serious performance increases, introducing radically new capabilities, or leading to drastically new social behavior and societal institutions. Organizations and societies need to develop, embrace or adapt to these technologies to survive in the long term, and to build resilient and robust strategies.

In our group, we research the development trajectory of breakthrough technology as a continuous process of R&D and demonstration projects & programs, eventually leading to demonstrative upscaling and sometimes even transformative upscaling.

Group lead Bart Bossink  focuses on the organization of demonstration projects and programs for the purpose of linking breakthrough technology R&D to markets and social developments.  Group co-lead, Sandra Hasanefendic’s focus is on breakthrough technology, management and policy through the interplay between nature (technological development), and nurture (individual, organizational and socio-cultural integration).

Lead: prof.dr. Bart Bossink, Full Professor Breakthrough Technologies and Sustainable Innovation

Co-lead:  dr. Sandra Hasanefendic, Assistant Professor Breakthrough Technologies and Sustainable Innovation

Organizational and Technological Innovation
The group is a collaboration between the Faculty of Social Science (FSS), Department of Organization Sciences (ORG) and the Faculty of Science (FS). The group is established at the FSS and will be hosted by ORG. The group holder is part-time seconded to FS.

In a unique partnership, this group will create a bridge between social science and exact science by generating and disseminating knowledge and insights into how organizations can effectively mobilize entrepreneurship and innovation to establish organizational and technological development and create societal resilience. The Chair’s research will address the cutting–edge topics of organizational and technological innovations and entrepreneurship in demanding societal contexts. It will use research to advance theoretical approaches on technological innovation and entrepreneurship on the backdrop of current complex societal problems and disseminate and communicate these theories to stakeholders in academia and beyond. In this way, the Chair will contribute to innovative organizations with the capacity to learn, to be able to adjust to complex and uncertain situations and to contribute to societal change and transformations.

Chair lead: Prof. dr. ir. F.K. (Kees) Boersma, Full Professor Organizational and Technological Innovation and Societal Resilience

Co-lead: dr. Marjolein Hoogstraaten is an assistant professor of organizational and technological innovation

Associated members: Emiritus Prof. em. dr. P.C. (Peter) van der Sijde

PhD at DTI
Deep Tech Innovation welcomes PhD candidates to develop their research at the intersection of science, society, business and innovation. We collaborate with the Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Social Science, and School of Business and Economics in the PhD trajectory. 

For more information on the conditions for PhD application, information in relation to PhD process at BTI and inquiries from our current PhD candidates please contact Sandra Hasanefendic

To find out more about the structure of our PhD program please check the Faculty of Science dedicated webpage: PhD programmes.

Our Team