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Computer systems

Our vision is that fundamental and experimental research should be done hand in hand, together with realistic applications from a variety of domains.

Our vision is that fundamental and experimental research should be done hand in hand, together with realistic applications from a variety of domains. Our objectives are not only to publish papers in top journals and conferences, but also to produce and distribute software prototypes and to build the necessary experimental infrastructure for our research. We also aim to provide the necessary FAIR data for the field.

Computer Systems are further divided into four research groups: 

High Performance Distributed Computing
Systems and Network Security
Massivizing Computer Systems
Foundational and Experimental Security

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Security at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Security at Vrije Universiteit brings together experts from a variety of disciplines to study key practical aspects of cyber security thus making VU one of the largest centers of expertise in this domain. All groups supervise their own Ph.D. and Master students. Check their web page for more information.

Balakrishnan (Bala) Chandrasekaran (PhD 2016) research focuses on the performance and security aspects of networked systems. Find more information about him.

Cristiano Giuffrida (PhD 2014) research interests include systems security, reliability, and availability. He was awarded the Roger Needham Award and the Dennis M. Ritchie Award for the best Ph.D. thesis in computer systems in 2015. Find more information about him.

Erik Van der Kouwe (PhD 2016) research interests include practical compiler-assisted defenses against zero-day vulnerabilities and the proper benchmarking of such defenses. Find more information about him.

Fabio Massacci (PhD 1998) research focuses on risks, security economics, security analysis of software ecosystems and experimental methods for security. He received the Ten Years Most Influential Paper award by the IEEE Requirements Engineering Conference in 2015. Find more information about him.

Herbert Bos (PhD 1999) research interests include systems security, operating system design, networking, and dependable systems. Find more information about him.

Klaus von Gleissenthall (PhD 2016) research focuses on reasoning about concurrent and distributed systems and verification of security related properties. Find more information about him.

KatjaTuma (PhD 2021) her research is in the intersection between Security, Software Engineering and Risk Analysis. Katja is especially interested in developing and evaluating methods for analyzing cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities and, in general, how to design software systems securely. Find more information about her.

Security Education

We offer a new Master’s programme focussed on computer security. For more information go to