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About the VU website

Team Digital is the primary point of contact for your questions about our website The team’s duties include supervising the quality of the information which is made available through the VU Amsterdam website, harmonizing various parts of the site as required, and instructing users.

If you have any questions or comments about a page on the VU website, please use the response form or send an email to If you would like to communicate with our current students, please email

More information about

  • Contact details web editors faculties

    The faculties' websites are managed by their own web editors:

  • E-mail disclaimer

    A standard disclaimer text can be added to e-mails that are sent to addresses outside the domain. In order not to confront recipients with a bulk of text, the e-mail messages do not contain the full text of the disclaimer, but only a link with which the addressee can surf to the VU website.

    This email is intended for the addressee’s eyes only. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby kindly requested to inform the sender of this. In view of the electronic nature of this communication, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is neither liable for the proper and complete transmission of the information contained therein nor for any delay in its receipt. For information about Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, direct your browser to

  • VUnetID

    Some VU Amsterdam webpages and services are password protected (e.g. Dashboard, Digital Counter, Webmail). Students and employees can log in with their VUnetID.

    If you have issues logging in
    The VUnetID consists of a username and password. You are given only one VUnetID, even if you enrolled in more than one programme (students) or have more than one job (employees). Please check the following:

    • Make sure Caps Lock is off
    • Check your username
      The first letter of your first name + the first letter of your surname (exclude prefixes) + the last letter of your surname (exclude prefixes) + a three-digit number. If no first name is available, the first two letters of your surname are used. For example: Name of user: V. van der Achternaam, VUnetID: vam500
    • Check your password
      Look out for similar-looking characters, such as the number 0 and the letter O, and the number 1 and the letter l. Does your password include a tilde (~) or a circumflex (^)? With some keyboards, you have to press the space bar for these symbols to appear after you press the symbol key, but before you enter the next character.

    No VUnetID?
    New employees and students receive a VUnetID and password when they are registered. You receive it in two separate e-mails at your private e-mail address.
    Your VUnetID remains valid for 31 days after your job ends. For students, this period is 92 days after you deregistered at VU Amsterdam. Access will be limited to personal documents and e-mail.

    Forgotten your VUnetID or would you like to check it?
    Students: IT Service Desk
    Employees: Contact your VIP administrator (usually the secretary) or the IT Service Desk. Possibly there is an issue with your registration.

    Forgot your password
    Go to this page and fill in your VUnetID and private e-mail. A link will be sent to your e-mail address. With this link, you will be able to create a new password. If no private e-mail address is known, please go to one of the IT Service Desk counters, bringing along a valid identification (driver's license, ID card or passport). Our Service Desk will be able to create a new password for you. You can change this again in your dashboard.
    NB. Employees can check if a private e-mail address is registered in the service portal (E-HRM). Students are obliged to fill in a private e-mail address upon registration.