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Research Assessments

Research Assessments of the School of Business and Economics

On this page you will find the final reports of the Research Assessments of our faculty. The research assessment takes place every 6 year. 

SBE Research Evaluation 2015-2020

In September 2021, an international evaluation committee evaluated research at seven schools of business and economics in the Netherlands. Research evaluations are conducted every six years and are carried out with the guidelines of the Strategy Evaluation Protocol (SEP-2021-2027). The evaluation considers the quality of the research; social relevance of the research; and viability of the research group. In preparation for the evaluation, SBE wrote a self-evaluation report. Last week we received the Research Review Report on Economics and Business Research in the Netherlands.

Assessment SBE

The committee concludes that SBE is doing very well. The committee states that the research was already at a very high level and that this has been further strengthened over the last years. In particular, it observed an impressive increase in top-tier publications over time, demonstrating a very good academic publication record, both quantitatively and qualitatively. High quality of research is further evidenced by editorial roles in very good international journals, as well as top academic awards and prizes.

 The committee evaluates the viability of SBE in relation to its strategic targets as excellent. The committee considers SBE’s policies and incentive schemes regarding international hiring, tenure and promotion decisions, merit-based research time allocation, female career development, diversity in career paths, and open-access publishing to be effective, robust, and future proof. The committee thinks that the doctoral programmes at SBE, organised at ABRI and Tinbergen Institute, well-equip PhD candidates for pursuing promising careers in research, either at a university or outside of academia.

Furthermore, the committee thinks that SBE has a clear view on what it further wants to improve, and overall the view of the committee on the performance of the school is very favourable. The committee recommends to continue with the development of clear criteria to measure and reward impact and societal relevant activities, to offer continuous attention to gender balance and diversity, and to consider collaboration between the economics and business sides, in particular given the importance of multidisciplinary research.

Download Research Assessment 2015-2020

Download Self-evaluation report 2015-2020

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