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GMAT® (Graduate Management Admission Test)

You do not meet the admission requirements for the pre-master's? You can still be admitted if you take a GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) and obtain a score of 550 or higher. The GMAT is in English and measures, among other things, the verbal and mathematical suitability of a prospective student for scientific study. This test is used by leading universities and business schools worldwide.


To achieve a passing score on the GMAT, you need to plan well and prepare well. Exactly how much preparation time you need varies from person to person. Various (online) tools and courses are available to support you. 


The GMAT takes approximately 2 hours and can be taken both on location and online. The test is exactly the same, but with the online exam you have (more) control over the circumstances of the test (e.g. optional breaks) and the (quick) sharing of your result. For more information, see 'GMAT online exam'.

The test consists of four parts, which you can take in the order of your choice. Each component has its own assessment method and scale. For admission to the pre-master's, the admission board looks at the 'GMAT Total Score' (scale 200-800). This score is based only on the components 'Verbal Reasoning' and 'Quantitative Reasoning'. You can ignore the other two parts ('Integrated Reasoning' and 'Analytical Writing Assessment'), they do not count towards your total score.

For all information about exam dates, registration and costs, see 'GMAT Register'.


Immediately after completing your test, you will see your provisional score. You are admissible to the pre-master's if your official 'GMAT Total Score' (this is based only on 'Verbal Reasoning' and 'Quantitative Reasoning') is 550 points or higher. It takes about 7-20 working days before you get the official score. If you unfortunately did not achieve the desired result on your first attempt, you can do a resit after 16 days. Keep this in mind in your planning!

The official score must be received by us no later than January 31, provisional scores are not accepted by the admissions committee. Make sure that you give permission to pass on your 'Official Report Score' to the School of Business and Economics (VU)! The code is: 289 VU- School of Business and Economics.


Do you have questions about the procedure, registration, costs, etc. for the GMAT? Contact or see ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

Do you have any questions about your application for a pre-master's or transfer programme? Send an email to  or call +31 (0)20 598 58 73 on Tuesday and Thursday between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.