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Collaborate with us SBE

SBE welcomes the opportunity to join with companies and institutions in mutually beneficial partnerships that match the school’s ambition to do science with purpose.

Societal impact projects

The School offers a wide range of top experts covering the full breadth of business and economics. Each of our experts is interested in embarking on new, interesting research projects that enhance our understanding of society and lead to improvements of the world around us. We engage in incidental, short-term as well as in sustainable, long-term relationships with the corporate, institutional and government sector.

Contract research

Housing market research with NVM
NVM (the Dutch association of real estate agents and valuers) asked our experts to conduct research into the current developments on the housing market. Housing prices are booming, houses being sold for more than the market price. Where exactly in the Netherlands? Is the type of house a decisive factor? And what is the effect of putting for sale your house over the actual market price? Read report.

Research commissioned by the Amsterdam School Board
The Amsterdam school board (OSVO) asked our experts to consider the allocation of students to secondary schools in Amsterdam. Since a number of years some secondary school do not have sufficient capacity to enroll all students applying to that school. In those cases lotteries are organized to decide about admittance. There are different possibilities to organize school allocation lotteries and all have advantages and disadvantages. Empirical research is required to quantify the properties of all mechanisms within a local school market. Read report in English or in Dutch.

NWO research on how to solve congestion
How do we keep urban areas in The Netherlands accessible and sustainable? Congestion, local air quality, parking are different challenges that have in common that effective solutions require behavioural change in addition to technological innovation. Case studies within this project focus on smart financial incentives such as tradeable permits, and are undertaken jointly with the partners in the field: Amsterdam Zuidas, Rotterdam, Groningen and the Amsterdam Arena Area.


We also embark on co-organising conferences on topical issues that bear the interest of both academic researchers and professionals. Interested in research collaboration opportunities? Please contact us at and we will get back to you.

Executive teaching

We offer a range of executive education programmes for experienced professionals. Sometimes, your institution might have a specialized need for a tailor-made in-company programme, course, or seminar. Interested? Please contact the associate dean of SBE Executive Education, Bas Bosma.

Graduate and undergraduate teaching

In a number of our bachelor and master programmes, we develop sustainable relations with companies to train our students into becoming academic professionals. This is done by joint research case projects that run over shorter time spans, internships and thesis projects, and case related research that runs alongside (and inside) courses to help students appreciate the complexities of real-life problems that need a clear minded research attitude to come to possible solutions. Interested, please contact In addition, you can participate in conferences, attend presentations on topic-related questions.