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Education Social and Cultural Anthropology

Our students actively shape their studies and development

We offer two degree programmes: bachelor's and master's, as well as a pre-master's programme. Several times over the past years, these have been ranked at the top of anthropology programmes in the Netherlands. Our teaching is distinguished by a personalised approach. Students learn to understand today's complex world and the people that inhabit it. Not from their own perspective, but from that of others.

We have a broad focus, with the whole world as our 'field'. This makes the programme varied and challenging. We do not want our teaching to be a one-way street, so we work to activise students to take initiatives with the curriculum. In this way, they can shape their own studies and personal development.

To enrich the curriculum, we make use of student diversity according to the VU Mixed Classroom Education Model. Everyone brings their own background to the classroom, enriching the discussion. In this way we do not only study diversity but also use it. 

Finally, attention to ‘applying anthropology’ in practice enables students to make a difference while studying. Every master's student does three months of fieldwork, and some choose research projects commissioned by organisations.

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Vlad Gheorghiu, master's student Cultural Anthropology

“The VU master's is special. You start working on your research from day one." 

Vlad Gheorghiu, master's student Social and Cultural Anthropology, wrote his thesis about memories of state socialism in Hunedoara, Romania, and their influence on city development.

Our programmes

  • Bachelor's programme

    During the bachelor's programme in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at VU Amsterdam, you learn to understand the world by seeing it through other people’s eyes. 

  • Pre-master's programme

    The Social and Cultural Anthropology pre-master’s programme is designed for students who have a special interest in how people interact in today's global societies, and who hope to deepen their knowledge of these dynamics.

  • Master's programme

    Are you captivated by how people interact in today's global societies? Do you want to deepen your knowledge of the dynamics in our society? Are you fascinated by the tensions between economic, political and social hierarchies that often create inequalities and diversity challenges?

    You’ll explore all these issues and more if you follow the master's programme in Social and Cultural Anthropology at VU Amsterdam.

    During this one-year programme, you’ll learn and apply anthropological theories to issues such as social inequality and cultural diversity. You’ll then immediately put that into practice during a three-month fieldwork research project.