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Staff members

The staff members of the Department of Mathematics at VU Amsterdam

Staff members

The positions and research interests of the staff members. In alphabetical order by surname.

Dr Daniele Avitabile

Associate professor (Programme director BSc Mathematics), Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Neuroscience, Pattern formation, Multiple-scale dynamics

Dr Senja Barthel

Assistant professor, Geometric topology and Mathematical chemistry

Senja Barthel

Dr René Bekker

Associate professor (Programme committee Business Analytics), Operations research, Stochastic processes, Health care

René Bekker

Dr Eduard Belitser

Associate professor, Mathematical statistics

Dr Gabriele Benedetti

Assistant professor, Analysis on manifolds: Hamiltonian dynamical systems

Prof dr Jan Bouwe van den Berg

Full professor (Head of department), Dynamical systems and PDEs

Jan Bouwe van den Berg

Dr Mark van den Bergh

Junior lecturer

Dr Joost Berkhout

Assistant professor, Operations research: Mathematical optimization, Markov chain theory & applications

Joost Berkhout

Dr Christian Bick

Associate professor (PhD coordinator), Analysis

Christian Bick

Prof dr Sandjai Bhulai

Full professor (Programme director MSc Business Analytics, Director of education), Analytics and Optimization

Sandjai Bhulai

Dr Magnus Botnan

Assistant professor, Algebraic topology: Topological data analysis

Magnus Botnan

MSc Ronen Brilleslijper

Junior lecturer

Ronen Brilleslijper

Dr Ilke Canakci

Assistant professor, Representation theory and Combinatorics

Ilke Canakci

Dr Sander Dahmen

Associate professor (Chair of programme committee Mathematics), Number theory and Formalized mathematics

Dr Camilla Damian

Research associate, Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes

Dr Svetlana Dubinkina

Associate professor, Paleoclimate, Subsurface flow, Pipe flow, Data assimilation, Inverse problems, Numerical methods, Statistical mechanics

Svetlana Dubinkina

Drs Angela Evenhuis

Departmental manager

Dr Oliver Fabert

Assistant professor, Symplectic topology and Nonlinear PDEs

Oliver Fabert

Dr Maria Frolkova

Lecturer (Coordinator of education), Stochastics

Maria Frolkova

Drs Annemieke van Goor-Balk

Academic advisor, Business analytics internship coordinator

Annemieke van Goor-Balk

Prof dr Mathisca de Gunst

Full professor, Statistics: statistics for life sciences, statistics for networks, applications in neuroscience. Confidential counsellor for the Faculty of Science.

Rianne de Heide

Assistant professor, Statistics and machine learning: Bayesian learning, hypothesis testing and bandit problems

Rianne de Heide

Dr Rikkert Hindriks

Assistant professor, Statistics, inverse problems, electroencephalography (EEG), magnetoencephalography (MEG), functional MRI, neural dynamics

Rikkert Hindriks

Hélène Hiwat-Van Laar

Project Manager for the BeyondTheEdge Project

Dr Renee Hoekzema

Assistant professor, Topology: Invariants of manifolds, applications of topological data analysis

Dr Pol van Hoften

Assistant professor, Algebraic number theory, algebraic geometry, Langlands programme, Shimura varieties (in characteristic p)

Prof dr Joost Hulshof

Full professor, Nonlinear PDEs

Joost Hulshof

Prof dr Rob de Jeu

Full professor, K-theory and Number theory

Rob de Jeu

MSc Michael Jung

Junior lecturer

Michael Jung

Prof dr Rien Kaashoek

Retired, Analysis and Operator theory

Rien Kaashoek

Dr Wouter Kager

Assistant professor, Discrete random systems

O_Wouter Kager

MSc Jeroen van Kasteren

Junior lecturer

Jeroen van Kasteren

Dr Shane Kepley

Research Associate, Dynamical systems

Dr Inbar Klang

Assistant professor, Algebraic topology, homotopy theory

Dr Teun Koetsier

Retired, History and philosophy of mathematics

Teun Koetsier

Prof Dr Ger Koole

Full professor, Stochastic operations research: queueing theory, Markov decision chains, reinforcement learning. Service Operations Management: call centers, health care, revenue management

Ger Koole

Prof dr Assia Mahboubi

Endowed professor, Formal proofs

Assia Mahboubi

Prof dr Ronald Meester

Full professor, Probability Theory: forensic probability and statistics, belief functions, philosophy of probability, spatial random processes

Prof dr Rob van der Mei

Full professor, Stochastic operations research, operations management, queueing, stochastic optimisation, nosiness analytics. Emergency response systems, revenue management, transport & logistics, mobility, communication networks, traffic management, cyber-security

Rob van der Mei

Prof dr ir Frank van der Meulen

Full professor (Programme director MSc Business Analytics), Mathematical statistics, statistical inference for stochastic processes, Bayesian computational methods

Prof dr Konstantin Mischaikow

Visiting professor, Topological Methods for the Analysis of Dynamical Systems, Computational Topology and Dynamics, Mathematical Biology

Dr Fahimeh Mokhtari

Assistant professor, Dynamical systems and Representation theory

Fahimeh Mokhtari

Dr Raffaella Mulas

Assistant professor, Graph theory: networks, combinatorics, spectral theory of graphs and hypergraphs

Dr Bob Planqué

Associate professor, Mathematical biology

Bob Planqué

Dr Corrie Quant

Academic advisor BSc Mathematics

Prof dr André Ran

Retired, Operator/control theory

Prof dr Bob Rink

Full professor, Analysis: Nonlinear dynamical systems, Networks, Hamiltonian systems

Bob Rink

Dr Thomas Rot

Assistant professor, Topology: (Infinite dimensional) degree theory, Morse theory, orbifold topology, Non-linear analysis: Fredholm theory, Hilbert manifolds, Dynamical systems: Conley theory

Dr Jan Sanders

Retired, Dynamical systems and Representation theory

Jan Sander

Dr Freek van Schagen

Retired, Integral/diff. equations

Freek van Schagen

Dr Paulo Serra

Assistant professor, Mathematical Statistics

Paulo Serra

Prof dr Klaas Slooten

Endowed professor, Forensic genetics

Klaas Slooten

Dr Lauran Toussaint

Research Associate

MSc Eric Sandin Vidal

Junior lecturer

Prof dr Rob van der Vorst

Full professor, Dynamical systems and Geometry: Floer homology for braided systems, periodic orbits in symplectic geometry and algebraic structures in dynamical systems

Dr Wessel van Wieringen

Associate professor, Statistics for life sciences

Wessel van Wieringen

Dr Babette de Wolff

Research associate, Dynamical systems

Dr Alessandro Zocca

Assistant professor, Stochastics and Operations Research: applied probability, stochastic networks, power systems reliability, rare events simulation

Alessandro Zocca