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Staff Faculty of Religion and Theology

Staff Faculty of Religion and Theology

If you want to come by, you can make an appointment with the person in question. You can then ring the bell at the door in the 2E-wing of the main building.

Staff Faculty of Religion and Theology

Here you will find more information about the academic staff of the Faculty of Religion and Theology.

Vivian Aiyedogbon

Research Associate

dr. Mohamed Ajouaou

Assistent Professor Islam

Deniz Aktaş

PhD Candidate

prof. dr. Hans (Hendrikjen) Alma

Full Professor Spiritual Care and Religious Humanism

Hans Alma

prof. dr. Christa Anbeek

Endowed Professor Remonstrant Theology (Remonstrant Seminary)

Christa Anbeek

prof. dr. Henk Bakker

Full Professor James Wm. McClendon Chair for Baptistic and Evangelical Theologies (Baptist Seminary)

Henk Bakker

dr. Amisah Bakuri

Postdoctoral Researcher Religion, Anthropology, Migration, gender and sexuality, Black health, Well-being, Slavery and Colonialism

Amisah Bakuri

prof. dr. Robert Beckford

Associate Professor Black Theology (Queen's foundation)

prof. dr. Henk van den Belt

Full Professor Systematic Theology, Director of the Cornelis Graafland Center (Theological Institute of the Reformed League), coordinator of the Herman Bavinck Center for Reformed and Evangelical Theology

Henk van den Belt

dr. Mariecke van den Berg

Associate Professor of Religion and Gender

Mariecke van den Berg

dr. Mehdi Berriah

Assistant Professor Arabic

prof. dr. Gerdien Bertram-Troost

Full Professor Religious Education

Gerdien Bertram-Troost

dr. Puneet Bindlish

Assistant Professor Hindu Spirituality

Puneet K. Bindlish

dr. Gertie Blaauwendraad

Lecturer Spiritual Care

dr. Henk Blezer

Associate Professor Buddhism

Henk Blezer

dr. Michael Bloemendal, MBA

Assistant Professor Jewish Studies

dr. Welmoet Boender

Assistant Professor Islam and Program director Bachelor programmes

Welmoet Boender

prof. dr. Eddy van der Borght

Full Professor Vrije Universiteit Desmond Tutu Chair in Youth, Sport and Reconciliation

Eddy van der Borght

prof. dr. André van der Braak

Full Professor Comparative Philosophy of Religion

Andre van der Braak

prof. dr. Gijsbert van den Brink

Full Professor Theology & Science

Gijsbert van den Brink

dr. Silvia Castelli, MA

Lecturer, Faculty of Religion and Theology, Texts and Traditions

dr. Pieter Coppens

Assistant Professor Islamic Studies

Pieter Coppens

prof. dr. Pieternella van Doorn-Harder

Endowed Professor, Beliefs and Practices

Pieter Dirk Dekker, MA

PhD Candidate

Pieter Dirk Dekker

dr. Bert Dicou

Assistant Professor (Remonstrant Seminary)

Bert Dicou

dr. Marius Dorobantu

Postdoctoral Research Associate Theology & Science

prof. dr. Chris Doude van Troostwijk

Associate Professor Liberal and Inventive Theology

Chris Doude van Troostwijk

drs. Daniël Drost

Lecturer (Baptist Seminary)

Daniël Drost

prof. dr. Frank van der Duijn Schouten

Decaan Faculteit Religie en Theologie

Frank van der Duijn Schouten

prof. dr. Joep Dubbink

Endowed Professor Biblical Theology

Joep Dubbink

dr. Janet Dyk

Visiting Fellow Old Testament Studies

Janet Dyk

dr. Yaser Ellethy

Associate Professor Islam and Director Centre for Islamic Theology

Yaser Ellethy

prof. dr. Fernando Enns

Full Professor (Peace-) Theology and Ethics (Mennonite Seminary)

Fernando Enns

dr. Margaretha Folmer

Associate Professor Hebrew Studies

Annemarie Foppen, MA MSc.

Lecturer Psychology of Religion and PhD candidate

prof. dr. Dirk Martin Grube, MA

Full Professor Ethics

Dirk Grube

Prof. dr. David P. Gushee

Endowed Professor Christian Social Ethics

Jan Jorrit Hasselaar

Jan Jorrit Hasselaar

Jelmer Heeren

PhD Candidate

Jelmer Heeren

dr. Nicolette Hijweege-Smeets

Lecturer Spiritual Care

dr. Peter Hoek

Assistant Professor Practical Theology

prof. dr. August den Hollander

Full Professor Religious Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands

August den Hollander

dr. Marius van Hoogstraten

Postdoctoral Research Associate Inventive Theology (Mennonite Seminary)

Marius van Hoogstraten

dr. Fulco van Hulst

Lecturer Practical Theology and Ethics in Pastoral Care (Mennonite Seminary)

prof. dr. Wim Janse

Emiritus Professor Religion and Public Policy

Wim Janse

prof. dr. Yolande Jansen

Endowed Professor humanism in relation to religion and secularity

Yolande Jansen

dr. Gunjan Joshi

Lecturer Hinduism

dr. Jan van de Kamp

Associate Professor Church History

Jan van de Kamp

dr. Azza Karam

Endowed Professor Religion and Sustainable development

dr. Sunil Kariyakarawana


dr. Christiane Karrer

Assistant Professor Biblical Theology

dr. Annette Kemp

Assistant Professor Ethics

Annette Kemp

Nora Kindermann

PhD Candidate

Nora Kindermann

prof. dr. Miranda Klaver

Full Professor Anthropology of Religion and Head of Department Beliefs and Practices

Miranda Klaver

dr. Naomi Kloosterboer

Research associate, Epistemology and Metaphysics

dr. Samuel Lee

Lecturer and Director of Center for Theology of Migration

Samuel Lee

dr. Teun van der Leer

Tutor Baptist Seminary

prof. dr. Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte

Full Professor New testament

Bert Jan Lietaert

dr. Lourens Minnema

Associate Professor Religious Studies

Lourens Minnema

drs. Maarten Muilwijk


Maarten Muilwijk

prof. dr. Sharda Nandram

Full Professor Hindu Spirituality and Society (Hindu Seminary)

Sharda Nandram

Luca Naus, MSc

PhD Candidate

prof. dr. Stefan Paas

Full Professor J.H. Bavinck Chair for Missiology and Intercultural Theology

Stefan Paas

Andres Felipe Pacheco Lozano

External PhD Candidate

dr. Rik Peels

Associate Professor

Rik Peels

prof. dr. Willem van Peursen

Full Professor Old Testament with a special focus on Computational Approaches to the Bible

Willem van Peursen

dr. Daniëlle Phillips-Koning

Assistant Professor

Daniëlle Phillips-Koning

drs. Lenneke Post, MA

Research Associate

Lenneke Post

dr. Cong-rui Qiao

Research Associate

dr. Razi Quadir

Assistant Professor Islam

dr. Hans Riphagen

Lecturer and Rector Baptist Seminary

Hans Riphagen

dr. Johan Roeland

Associate Professor Media, Religion and Popular Culture

dr. Johan Roeland

prof. dr. Jessica Roitman

Full Professor Professor of Jewish Studies

Prof. dr. Hanneke Schaap-Jonker

Endowed Professor Clinical Psychology of Religion

Hanneke Schaap

prof. dr. Hanneke Schaap-Jonker

Endowed Professor, Beliefs and Practices

prof. dr. Bee Scherer

Full Professor Buddhism

Bee Scherer

dr. Lieke Schrijvers

Researcher religion, anthropology, secularity, gender, mixed relationships

Lieke Schrijvers

Dr. Nina Schroeder-van 't Schip

Research Associate. Art Historian/Researcher, Dutch Mennonite Cultural Heritage and History Kunsthistorica/onderzoeker, Doopsgezind cultureel erfgoed en geschiedenis

Nina Schroeder

dr. Christiane Van den Berg-Seiffert


Christiane Seiffert

prof. dr. Nicola Slee

Full Professor Feminist Practical Theology

prof. dr. Matthias Smalbrugge

Full Professor European Culture and Christianity

Matthias Smalbrugge

drs. Froukien Smit

Lecturer and supervisor Master Spiritual Care

Froukien Smit

prof. dr. Peter-Ben Smit

Full Professor Dom Hélder Câmara Chair in Contextual Biblical Interpretation

Peter-Ben Smit

dr. Srdjan Sremac

Assistant Professor Trauma and Lived Religion

Srdjan Sremac

prof. dr. Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman

Full Professor Reception History of the Hebrew Bible in Antiquity

Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman

prof. dr. Katya Tolstoj

Full Professor Chair of Theology and Religion in Post-Trauma Societies, Vice-dean Faculty of Religion and Theology

Katja Tolstaja

Eva van Urk-Coster, MA

PhD Candidate in (Christian) Religion and Ecology

Eva van Urk-Coster

prof. dr. Mirjam van Veen

Full Professor Church History

dr. Pieter Veerman

Assistant Professor Practical Theology

Pieter Veerman

Hannah Visser

PhD Candidate Interreligious studies: (critical) interreligious learning

Hannah Visser

prof. dr. Wim van Vlastuin

Full Professor Theology and Spirituality of Reformed Protestantism (Restored Reformed Seminary)

Wim van Vlastuin

dr. Theo van Willigenburg

Research Fellow Moral Philosophy, Restorative Justice, Non-retributive atonement

Theo van Willigenburg

Dr. An-Ting Yi, MA

Assistant Professor New Testament and Migration

Dr. An-Ting Yi. Photo by Ruben Timman

dr. Benno Zuiddam


Benno Zuiddam

prof. dr. Arie Zwiep

Vice-dean Faculty of Religion and Theology, Full Professor Hermeneutics

Arie Zwiep