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Various religious societies have established seminaries at the Faculty of Religion and Theology. They provide an academic education from within the religious background of their own denomination.

Most seminaries provide programmes from the degree of Bachelor of Theology to prepare students to the master's level. A number of the seminaries provide post-master training in order to train clergy and chaplains.


  • Doopsgezind Seminary

    The Doopsgezind Seminarium is the academic institution of the General Doopsgezind Society for theological education, research and training from an Anabaptist perspective in an ecumenical and multi-religious context.

    The focus is on Past, Peace and Freedom on a basis of theological reflection, knowledge, competence and inspiration.

  • Baptist Seminary

    The Baptist Seminary runs the degree programme for future theologians and pastors in Dutch Baptist and Cama churches, and increasingly for the broader setting of free and evangelical churches.

  • Restored Reformed Seminary

    The Restored Reformed Seminarium provides the theological education of the Restored Reformed Church at VU Amsterdam.

    Within the bachelor's degree in Theology and Religious Studies and the master's degree in Theology and Religious Studies, students can follow a track that, in terms of ecclesiastical requirements, is tailored to those of the Hersteld Hervormde Kerk.

  • Remonstrant Seminary

    Since 2013, this program has been affiliated with VU Amsterdam. Students can take the three-year master's program in Theology and Religious Studies or, with a few specific entry requirements, a two-year master's route that prepares for the Remonstrant proponentship. This gives access to pastoring in a Remonstrant congregation and/or to work as a chaplain with a Remonstrant mission.

  • International Baptist Theological Study Centre

    The International Baptist Theological Study Center Amsterdam (IBTS) and the Faculty of Religion and Theology of VU Amsterdam together offer PhD programs. Our students conduct research and publish on a wide range of historical, missiological, ethical and theological topics. In addition, there is an English-taught Master in Baptist Histories and Theologies.