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Refo500 is a project of the Dutch foundation Refo500, in which many partners from home and abroad participate. There are now partners in the Netherlands, Flanders, Scandinavia, Korea, India, Germany, Switzerland and North America.

 In the run-up to 2017, Refo500's goal is to give broad national and international attention to the 500th birthday of the Reformation and to show its relevance from the principle of renewal and change in the past, present and for the future, with a focus on ao historical, theological, religious, political, social and cultural.

Refo500 would like to make connections between themes from the time of the Reformation and those of today. She wants to help people of today understand the meaning of the Reformation, discover the relevance of the Reformation and see the influence of the Reformation in different areas and t of it. The name Refo500 has been chosen because this name is short and recognizable, can be used internationally well and indicates that the project is concerned with the Reformation and not only with, for example, the reformer Luther.

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