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Committees Law

The faculty has number of committees which advice and support the faculty board.

Among which:


  • Admissions Board

    The Admissions Board is responsible for handling admission requests for the programmes of the Faculty of Law.

    Requests to the Admissions Board
    Questions or requests to the Admissions Board of the Faculty of Law should be addressed to the Official Secretary to the Board. The secretary will pass your request on to the members of the Board and notify you of their decision - usually within three weeks. However, in the summer period (from 1 June) the response period may extend to six weeks.

    Anneke de Laaf, Official Secretary
    Greetje Gorens, Official Secretary
    Petra van Werven, admission to Law in Society


  • BSA committee

    On behalf of the Faculty Board, the BSA committee is responsible for the Binding recommendation on Continuation of studies (BSA) for Bachelor students. A number of times during the academic year, the BSA committee sends all first year students advice on their study progress. The final advice at the end of the academic year is the Binding recommendation. The Committee also decides on requests of deferment of the BSA. 

    More information on the BSA is available in the Teaching and examination regulation of the programme and under BSA.


    Anneke de Laaf, Official Secretary
    Carline Brandt, Official Secretary


    Members of the BSA committee

    • Prof. dr. A.R. Neerhof (Chair)
    • dr. J.M. Wessels, MSc (Secretary)
  • Ethics Committee

    The Ethics Committee for Legal and Criminological Research (CERCO) was established to ensure that scientific research which involves ethical aspects is conducted in an ethical manner.

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  • Examination Board

    The Examination Board is responsible for safeguarding the quality of the interim and final examinations and must determine in an independent and expert manner whether a student meets the conditions set by the Teaching and Examination Regulations to obtain the degree.

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  • Programme Committees

    By law, every study program has a study programme committee (OLC) that advises the Faculty Board and the study programme management on all subjects related to the education of that study programme. This includes the design and content of subjects, the teaching and testing quality, the timetable structure, changes in the curriculum and the teaching evaluations. Sometimes it is also possible that the study programme committee responds to complaints from students or to issues that they experience themselves, for example when there are too few seats in a room.

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