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The Department of Criminal Law and Criminology

Department Criminal Law and Criminology

The Department of Criminal Law and Criminology conducts research and provides education that focuses on fighting and preventing crime.

Criminality and the fight against it are at the pinnacle of public interest. Not a day goes by without the media reporting of new crimes and of new penal cases. In daily life, a large group of professionals are involved in the combating and prevention of crime: a task for which proper and detailed knowledge of criminal law and criminology is indispensable. The Department of Criminal Law and Criminology makes an important contribution to this end, first and foremost, by offering various courses and education programs in the legal and socio-scientific fields. Furthermore, the Department contributes to the academic and social debate by publishing numerous scientific articles and delivering specialized lectures. The use of substantive and procedural criminal law in our society, taking also into account processes of globalization, digitalization and new technological developments, is at the forefront of our focus. The members of our Department also share their knowledge by participating in advisory committees, training professionals and through other secondary activities. The connection between academia, society and legal practice is thus ingrained in the functioning of the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology.

Prof. dr. M.F.H. Hirsch Ballin – Head of Department Criminal Law and Criminology

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