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Research centres - FGW

Faculty researchers of the Faculty of Humanities have an important role to play in various research centres.

Each of the research centres is dedicated to specific themes, which, when taken together, provide a good indication of the current research profile of the Faculty of Humanities.

  1. Abraham Kuyper Center for Science and the Big Questions
    The Abraham Kuyper Center engages in two main activities: (1) academic research into the relations between science and the big questions and (2) organization of public lectures, discussions, and seminars for a broader audience about these themes. The goal of this is to stimulate academic and public debates about science and the big questions and to raise them to a higher level.
  2. ACASA
    The Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology is a research and teaching center in the fields of Ancient Studies, Latin and Greek and Archeology, a joint center of VU Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam.
    The Amsterdam Centre for Cross-Disciplinary Emotion and Sensory Studies provides a platform for cooperation between scholars from the humanities, the social sciences, and the life sciences.
  4. Amsterdam Critical Discourse Community
    ACDC is an open discussion platform based in Amsterdam. ACDC is a collaboration between the two Amsterdam universities: the Faculties of Humanities, Social Science and Economics and Business Studies at VU Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Communication and Language Centre based at the University of Amsterdam (ACLC).
  5. Amsterdam Gesture Center
    At the Amsterdam Gesture Center, based at VU Amsterdam, we study the interplay of audible and visible bodily actions in communicative settings. Spoken language is not 'only audio' in nature but can also have visual components - that is: it is multimodal (audio-visual) to varying degrees.
    ARTTIS-VU stands for 'Amsterdam Research on Talk & Text in Institutional Settings, VU Amsterdam', a group of researchers at the Faculty of Humanities concerned with talk and text in institutional settings.
  7. Centre for Global English
    The Centre for Global English provides for world-wide access to English education and creates a better understanding and appreciation of the different Englishes spoken in the world.
  8. Centrum Èthos, onderwijs, onderzoek en debat over maatschappelijke transformaties
  9. CLTL
    The Computational Lexicology & Terminology Lab (CLTL) models the understanding of natural language through computers with a central role for knowledge sources such as lexicons, ontologies and terminology. CLTL is part of the Department of Language and Communication and of the Network Institute.
  10. Historical Documentation Center for Dutch Protestantism
    Focuses on the history of Protestantism in the Netherlands since 1800. The center collects and makes accessible archives of Protestant and Evangelical persons and organizations who in the past two centuries have played a rol of importance in Dutch public life.
  11. Language and Hearing Center Amsterdam – LHCA
    The LHCA is a collaboration of staff members from VU Amsterdam and VUmc doing research in Language and Hearing, especially on the hearing and speech perception and language development of severely hearing impaired or deaf children.
  12. PAN: Portable Antiquities of the Netherlands
  13. Peshitta Institute
  14. Paul van Moorsel Centre
  15. ReLiC - VU Centre for Religious History
    This research centre organises conferences, courses, publications and projects regarding (Dutch) religious history (ReLiC = Religionis et Libertatis Causa / relic = symbol for religion in its material, cultural and anthropological dimensions).
  16. Simon Stevin Center for the History of Science and the Humanities
    The Stevin Centre for History of Science and Humanities is a collaboration of staff members from different faculties of VU Amsterdam. The Stevin Centre is a platform for research in the history of science and the humanities at VU Amsterdam and it organizes workshops, colloquia and seminars.