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Education Biological Psychology

The department of Biological Psychology teaches several courses in the Bachelor as well as the Minor Psychology. The department also runs its own Research Master: Genes in Behaviour and Health. The educational focus is on behaviour genetics.

Bachelor Programme
In the first and second year of the Bachelor Psychology the department takes care of the educational content of the Biological Psychology, the Big Data in Psychology and the Interplay of Genes and Environment courses, as well as the preminor course Behaviour: Learning and Addiction. The department also contributes to the methodological part of the Measurement Theory and Assessment courses in the second year.

B3 Track & Minor Programme
In the third year of the Bachelor the department of Biological Psychology, together with the department of Experimental and Applied Psychology, offers the B3 track Genes, Cognition and Behaviour. This track consist of the Minor Genes, Cognition and Behaviour plus two electives in the field of behaviour genetics or cognitive psychology, Research Methodology with introduction to the B3 internship, and the internship itself which is concluded by writing the B-thesis. The department also participates in the university minor Psychology and the Brain.

Two year Research Master Programme
Since the academic year of 2018-2019, the department of Biological Psychology offers the worldwide unique Research Master Genes in Behaviour and Health, with a strong component of Big Data Science. Many students have successfully concluded this Research Master and often continued in a PhD project.
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Every summer in July, the department of Biological Psychology teaches the advanced Summerschool Nature & Nurture: Twin Research and Human Genetics, which caters for (inter)national students at the Master/PhD level.

B-theses & M-theses
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