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Knowledge for active, healthy, and meaningful lives

Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences

The Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences (FGB) of the Vrije Universiteit is unique within the broad domain of behaviour and health due to the combination of the disciplines of psychology, education and movement sciences. The faculty contributes to a better understanding of the way in which behaviour and movement come about and how these can be influenced, so that physical and mental health are promoted and performance is being improved.

Education and research within the faculty are aimed at this broad objective and thus make a recognizable contribution to the VU-wide theme Human Health and Life Sciences. To this end, the faculty has expertise in genetics, motor skills, effort, perception, cognition, emotion, learning and social interaction. Much attention is paid to the effects of training, treatment, counseling, upbringing and education on the behavior of healthy people and people with a physical or mental condition.

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